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5 Romcoms to watch this Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves a good romantic comedy, whether they like to admit it or not, and this Valentine's Day is sure to be one that will take you indoors from COVID-19 or the cold weather we've had. Here are my top 5 romcoms to watch this Valentine's Day with your partner or best friends. Credit to Warner BrosCrazy Rich Asians- This over-the-top movie is a perfect watch with a friend, friend, and dare I say, parents. There is a perfect a mix of drama and comedy in this love story with top actors such as Constance Wu, Henry Goulding and the one and only Ken Jeong. You can watch this RICH Hollywood movie on Hulu Premium and Netflix. Always Be My…

Sunny Leone “Bullets” Web Series Review with Complete rating

Bullets Web Series Review

Bullets Web Series Review: Mx Player comes with its new web series Bullets. Does it give you what was expected? Is it still entertaining and equally shocking? Read on to know. Bullets is a joke of a crime thriller whose only intent is to provide a few cheap thrills with an excuse of a frail storyline. The women at the forefront have a murder charge against them, with attempts from every end to kill them, but their only concern is about the luxury car they would hop onto, the dress they would wear for the next party. The show makes a complete mockery of the functioning of the police force. The methods that the women employ to bypass the security…

Top 5 Indian Crime Thrillers to watch in 2020

Top 5 Indian Crime Thrillers to watch in 2020

2020, as a year for us binge-watchers, has been great. With the turn of the calendar, came a swift release of movies and shows on OTT. Crime Thrillers have huge popularity among fans. While everyone is hooked to Money Heist or Breaking Bad right now, can we take a moment to appreciate some of the best crime series produced in India? Be it suspense, gut-wrenching murders, crimes that send chills down your spine, these Indian web series have it all. If you are searching for the best Indian Crime thrillers, then your search is over. Check out the best Indian crime thrillers to watch in 2020. Best Indian Crime Thrillers To Watch in 2020 1. Special Ops (Disney+ Hotstar) Special Ops follows a team…

Let’s talk about it

People are often reluctant to receive treatment for their emotional well-being because of social stereotypes and preconceived ideas. This has to change Mental illness in India is responsible for 28 percent of suicides worldwide as some 197 million Indians suffer from some form of it. Still, it's a topic that's being ignored and brushed under the rug as it's considered a stigma in the country. However, the recent suicide by promising Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) has brought the issue back into focus, even though many people have denied that the talented young man who did well was suffering. of depression and had decided to end his life at the age of 34. While social media and the actor's…

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