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Take a moment from your monitors and try to think back to your school life. I know most of you are probably thinking about parties, friends, first crush and whatever. But not all school stories are as enjoyable as yours. To bring back the mystery, Girl From Nowhere will soon be on the floor. Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series that was originally broadcast by GNN 25. Still, given its international popularity and demand, the series has now been taken over by Mr. OTT's Netflix. PRODUCTION STATUS Production of the second season started way back in August 2020, in the midst of the Covid crisis, and will wrap up soon. The die-hard fans are waiting for the release of…

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The shooting of his Dark Materials season 3 has officially started!

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Hunter X Hunter: Why is Alluka the best girl?

Shonen-focused 'Hunter x Hunter' is teeming with fearsome beasts and skilled hunters, but there's also light in the dark. No character shows this better juxtaposition than Alluka Zoldyck, Killua's younger sister. Alluka lives with the terrifying creature of the dark continental continent Nanika and is very powerful, but at the same time a gentle soul with a sweet spirit. Hunter x Hunter: Best Girl Although the main characters Gon and Killua are only 12 years old, they can obtain their hunting license and embark on a very dangerous journey that offers glorious rewards. The Hunter X Hunter 2011 anime exploring their hunting proverb is over 100 episodes long, with Alluka only appearing in the final arc: Election of the Hunting…

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