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Kareena Kapoor is about to give birth | Kareena Kapoor की जल्द हो सकती है Delivery, मिलने पहुंचे Babita, Karishma और Ibrahim

Kareena Kapoor करीना कपूर (Kareena Kapoor) कभी भी मां बन सकती हैं. सूत्रों के हवाले से खबर है कि एक्ट्रेस को कभी भी हॉस्पिटलाइज किया सकता सकता. देर रात करिश्मा कपूर (Karishma Kapoor) के साथ उनकी मां बबीता भी करीना के पर पहुंचीं. साथ ही इब्राहिम (Ibrahim Ali Khan) भी करीना सैफ के घर पहुंचे. डिजाइन फोटो. Filmy One - An Exclusive Entertainment Site

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Voting Results April 2, 2021: Will the captain’s assignment rule for expulsion

Season 3 of High Boss will wrap up an interesting seventh week. Now full, the reality show has eliminated five contestants. For the seventh week, eight participants have been nominated for deportation. The "laundry business job" has landed a lot of TRP for the show. Manikuttan was this week's most popular contestant. And on the other hand, Ramzan and Sandhya have been nominated for the first time. There has also been a lot of drama this week involving Bhagyalakshmi's comments to Sai Vishnu. In today's episode, the audience will see Bhagyalakshmis and Sandhya prowling with the danger of elimination and Sai Vishnu's end of the captaincy period. The voting results for the nomination for week 7 Kidilam Firoz received a…

Video Vault – February 3, 2021

CHOICE OF THE WEEK VIGILANTE (Blue Underground / MVD Entertainment Group): A late entry into the Death wish sweepstakes, the self-explanatory 1982 melodrama by director William Lustig (actually superior to most of the Death wish sequels) undoubtedly delivers a lot of action in its brisk 90-minute runtime.In typical knee-jerk fashion, the setup is simple but grossly effective: hard-working workers Eddie Marino (dependable Robert Forster) takes matters into his own hands after his wife (Rutanya Alda) is attacked and their young son (Dante Joseph, in his only film role) murdered by a sadistic street gang that includes Don Blakely and salsa singer Willie Colon (in his film debut).In a supreme ironic twist, the perpetrators go free as an enraged Eddie is…

Dark Season 3 : Everything That you want to Know

Dark Season 3: Check Release date, cast, plot & all Latest updates

Excited about Dark Season 3?? Co-created by : Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Baran bo Odar also serves as the director of the show. The second season was released on 21 June 2019, while the third and final season was released on 27 June 2020. OTT: It makes its first debut on Netflix streaming service on 1 December 2017. Undoubtedly Dark has been one of all-time favourite Netflix Original series. Dark represents the first German original series produced for Netflix It would definitely one of the best five science-fiction series. In the series, In the town of Winden, two children go missing in a small German town. Its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and confusing relationships that…

Sukhbir Singh ignored Kapil Sharma’s question about not getting paid to perform at Isha Ambani’s pre-wedding party: Archana Puran Singh teased for taking Sidhu’s job

It is a known fact that Arjun Reddy star Vijay Deverakonda has for years entertained, enlightened and captivated members of the South Indian cinema-viewing public. But the fact that the Tollywood star is a hero off-screen too, something very little is known about. It has been noted that time and time again, Vijay Deverakonda has supported a variety of causes in which he has believed in different abilities over the years, be it a generous donor or an active volunteer. This article is about those exploits and generosity that he rarely speaks about. 1) Deverakonda Foundation In the second quarter of 2020, Vijay Deverakonda had announced that through his organization, The Deverakonda Foundation, he will help all those households financially…

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