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The Northman: Will Robert Eggers Bring Art House to Beefcake Cinema?

A lone rider on horseback; a child's oath of revenge at the sight of a decapitated parent; a burly, stately and shirtless man brandishing a sword in battle while illuminated only by the glow of wildfire. All of these things could be used to describe the joy of '80s beefcake action movies, a la Conan: The Barbarian (1982) or The Beast Master (1982). But such images take on a new and surprising life in Robert Eggers' first trailer. the Norman. This highly anticipated 2021 release is writer-director Eggers' first step outside the horror genre (and A24) after the one-two punch of The witch (2016) and The lighthouse (2019). And the Norman looks like a blood-soaked throwback to the kind of…

Is The November Man based on a true story? Watch on Netflix

Is The November Man based on a true story?  Watch on Netflix

'The November Man' unleashes a world of lies, deceit and conspiracy before an audience. Roger Donaldson paints a depressing picture of a streetcar character in this high-profile CIA drama. The story follows Peter, a retired CIA agent whose life changes as he embarks on his mission to rescue an acquaintance in Moscow. His knowledge is useful to political leader Arkady Fedorov, and he has revealed some secret secrets about him. The next story reveals a worldwide conspiracy and Peter must quickly rescue a prominent witness named Mira Filipova, who has the correct knowledge about Fedorov. While the story of the high pole is captivating and sensual, you may want to know if the story has any real foundation. Know about…

Season 2 of ‘The Family Man’ [2021] Watch all episodes online on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of ‘The Family Man’ [2021] Watch all episodes online on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of 'The Family Man' [2021] Watch all episodes online on Amazon Prime Video Family Man Season 2 series was created by Raj and DK, The Family Man 2 is one of the most anticipated web series. The first season of Family Man aired on Amazon Prime Video on September 20, 2019, with 10 episodes. Amazon Prime recently announced the release date of the second season of Family Man. The Family Man Season 2 Release Date The Family Man, which was expected to release on February 12, 2021, has now been postponed to summer. The creators took to social media to make the announcement. The Amazon Prime Video web show was set to premiere on February 12. Family Man…

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