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Review: Dream Horse, a true story

Review: Dream Horse, a true story

Dream horse is based on a true story about a racehorse named Dream Alliance who was raised on a property in Wales by a syndicate of commoners who knew nothing about racehorses. It's a feel-good story of hope and triumph. You can find it on Hulu. Dream horse starts with Jan Vokes (Toni Collette). She has two boring jobs, a boring husband and parents to care for. There are geese, goats, a large dog and possibly some carrier pigeons around her house. Yet it is a fairly mundane existence. At night Jan works in a bar. One night, a big talker named Howard (Damian Lewis) spits out loud tales about a racehorse. The gossip is that he lost almost everything…

The Flash Season 8: Release date, crossovers, plot, cast and more

Release date, crossovers, plot, cast and more

The Flash Season 8: Release, Crossover Event, Plot and Other Details Speedster Barry Allen returns with a bang. The Flash Season 8 will hit the screens soon. Here's everything you need to know. The Flash, a spin-off of the superhero show'Arrow', has been a complete fortune and has given prestige to the arrowverse. Since its October 7, 2014 premiere, The Flash has been one of the top shows on The CW. Over the past seven years, it has gained millions of followers. At its premiere, it became the second most-watched show in The CW's history, after The diary of vampires. As you all know, it follows the second best speedster in the world, Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin and…

Who the hell asked for a ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ movie? –

There are some properties that probably shouldn't be featured in movies. Battleship was one of them. Now it is Harold and the purple colored pencilDon't get us wrong. Harold and the purple colored pencil is a great children's book. It was also a cute animated series, but the episodes were short. There is only so much plot you can get out of Harold without it being. Boring. In addition, it is aimed at very small children. If you want the ones whose parents bring them to the movies, it's an adaptation of Chalkzone probably would have been better. Same concept as Harold, but a bit more in terms of plot. But eventually Harold and the purple colored pencil just wasn't…

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(***)Asur Torrent Magnet

(***)Asur Season 2 Release Date In India

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