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“Solamante Theneechakal” OTT Release Date Announced!! Watch it here for free on this date!!

“Solamante Theneechakal” OTT Release Date Announced!!  Watch it here for free on this date!!

Solamante Theneechakal caused a stir with its official theater debut on August 18, 2022. From the famous director, Lal Jose, and starring fan favorite faces such as Addis Akkara, Darsana Sudarshan, Joju George, Vincy Aloshious and more the film high praise. But just in case you missed the chance to get Solamante Theneechakal's theatrical experience, don't worry, because the movie is finally out on the OTTs. But when and where? Here's everything we know so far. Solamante Theneechakal OTT Release Date According to the latest reports, Solamante Theneechakal will reach a super popular OTT platform on October 1, 2022. So it is only a matter of a few days. Solamante Theneechakal made its theater debut on August 28 and received…

Supergirl: Alex Danvers is finally a mom

Supergirl: Alex Danvers is finally a mom

There's something important about the fact that Alex and Kelly's first struggle as parents was decidedly non-alien. Like the famous Buffy episode "The Body" (but tonally 180° different), some of the biggest events in these characters' lives are a hard fact, the flesh-and-blood reality that the rest of us have to live with in the real life. world. There will be time for Esme to have problems with her gifts, and we've already seen some of that. But super girl is also a show that aims to show that for a kid like Esme, who was abruptly separated from her family and sent to multiple bad foster homes and group homes, feeling safe will be hard, even now that she's…

Blood of Zeus season 2 release date, cast, plot and renewal status

Blood of Zeus is an anime series and has been released on Netflix. Season 1 was well received, and when Netflix announced that the series would be back with a new season, fans were ecstatic. Here's everything you need to know about Blood of Zeus Season 2. Charley and Vlas Parlapanides created the blood of Zeus for Netflix. This series was produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios, which also had other successful series such as Castlevania and Seis Manos. Blood of Zeus Season 1 was released on October 27, 2020. Later, in December 2020, Netflix announced that the series has been approved for season 2. The creators of the series, Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, have revealed that they have outlined five…

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Netflix Lucifer Season 6 Review, All Episodes, Release Date, Synopsis & More

Netflix Lucifer Season 6 Review, All Episodes, Release Date, Synopsis & More

Since the series has moved to Netflix, its popularity reached its peak and broke many records. Yes, we are talking about Lucifer. Now the name is widely prominent and everyone from every corner of the empire knows this name. As everyone knows, the series has 5 full seasons and now Lucifer Season 6 will be released very soon. When the creators revealed that the series' final season is coming soon, everyone's heart is filled with a lot of love and harshness. They are waiting to watch the full series because the story is almost over in season 5 and now the creators are coming with a new season. So it will really be worth watching what happens next. Netflix Lucifer…

Heels Season 2 Release Date: Happening or Not?

Heels Season 2 Release Date: Happening or Not?

This year, "Heels" was one of the most surprising shows on TV. The wrestling-themed drama on Starz was created by "Loki's" lead writer, Michael Waldron. "Arrow" star Stephen Amell and "Vikings" star Alexander Ludwig play two brothers struggling in Georgia to get their father's promotion and deal with all the drama that comes with it. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a score of 96% Fresh, meaning critics loved it. Fans have been begging for more of the Spade family story since the season 1 finale aired on October 10, 2021. Here's a handy list of what we know so far about the upcoming second season of 'Heels'. Heels Season 2 release date Starz revamped Heels in November 2021 and filming…

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If you feel like you've exhausted almost everything Amazon Prime has to offer, don't worry as the streaming service is constantly adding new movies to its treasure trove. Whatever genre you like, from swoony romance to dizzying action to mind-blowing thrillers, Amazon Prime's plethora of new movies have everything you need to satisfy your endless cravings for content. To save you hours of browsing and scrolling, we've picked out some of the best new movies from Amazon Prime's catalog that are worth watching. Sonic the hedgehog Movies based on video games usually get a bad rap, but don't dismiss the anthropomorphic speedster with blue fur just yet. After the disastrous first trailer drop, Paramount Pictures' live-action adaptation of Sonic the…

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