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“Kuttavum Shikshayum” OTT Release Date: Cast and Digital Rights

“Kuttavum Shikshayum” OTT Release Date: Cast and Digital Rights

The first look of the highly anticipated action thriller from Malayalam, 'Kuttavum Shikshayum', has caused a stir on social media and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. However, due to the current covid-19 situations, the release is on hold and fans are hoping for an OTT premiere for the film. So, will the creators lean on a direct OTT launch for "Kuttavum Shikshayum"? Here's the full update. “Kuttavum Shikshayum” is a highly anticipated Malayalam movie directed by Rajeev Ravi. Under the banner of Film Roll Productions, fans expect a powerful plot. The story revolves around the life of a police inspector. Starring Asif Ali alongside Alencier Let Lopez, fans are really excited to see this duo. Apart from them, Sunny…

The Birth 10000 BC Cast, Release Date, Actress Name, Budget

[embed][/embed] The Birth 10000 BC starring Pratap Raana is an upcoming Kannada movie. This movie is directed by Dr. Vikram and produced by Pradeep Jain under the banner of Sri Vinayaka Maruthi Creations & Lakshya Productions. The cast of Birth 10000 BC includes actor Pratap Raana in a lead role. 'The Birth 10000 BC' Kannada movie will be released on May 28, 2021. Here is complete information about cast and crew of the movie The Birth 10000 BC (2021). The name of the film actress of Birth 10000 BC. 'The Birth 10000 BC' release date and budget. The Birth 10000 BC movie story. Birth 10000 BC. Details Movie Birth 10000 BC v Directed by Dr Vikram Created by Pradeep Jain…

Black Widow ending explained: what’s Valentina up to?

Black Widow ending explained: what’s Valentina up to?

After its release date has been delayed three times, the Black Widow movie is finally here, and today we'll explain its ending. Unlike most other Marvel films, Black Widow was a prequel set in a period between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. If you all remember, Captain America: Civil War had split the Avengers in half. Some were on the run, others had joined the government. But the fact is, Team Cap saved Bucky, so they broke the Sokovia Accords. While these events actually take place in the 2016-17 era, we're drawn right back into it from the second act of Black Widow itself. Natasha had managed to escape from US Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross. She…

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