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In The Name of God Teaser: Crimes of Humans!

In The Name of God Teaser: Crimes of Humans!

Aha, the authentic Telugu platform is thriving to bring diverse content and they are running it. The latest of them is 'In The Name of God' and the teaser is revealed. Starring comedian Priyadarshi and Nandini Rai in the lead roles, the trailer begins with Jagapathi Babu's voiceover. He tells how squirrels are caught and killed. Does this have anything to do with the plot? Kind of! Darshi loves crimes and the whole plot is 'In The Name of God', it is man who commits crimes. Darshi can be seen in a never-before-seen role while Nandini gives Rai a glam treat. The web series is directed by Vidya Saagar and produced by director Suresh Krissna, known for 'Basha'. The teaser…

Billions Season 6: Plot | Release date | Cast | Plot | Story

Billions Season 6: Plot |  Release date |  Cast |  Plot |  Story

Billions is a American drama that tells the story of Bobby Axlrod, a hedge fund billionaire. Axelrod's illegal and unethical ways, manipulating the legal means to get his corrupt claws into the things he wants, lead him to Chuck Rhodes, the DA. Thus begins the battle. Billions Season 6 is going to be a great watch! The journey of money-hungry ruler Axlrod has been addictively popular over the years. Season 1 of Show was released in 2016 and Season 5 was released in 2020, each season consisting of 12 episodes. The second part of season 5 is not expected to be released until this year. But the pandemic has put productions in a difficult position. This article is about Axlrod's…

A handy guide to Bitcoin wallets for beginners

A handy guide to Bitcoin wallets for beginners

Today, every individual only deals with bitcoin because it offers so many benefits and opportunities to make money. There are plenty of activities that bitcoin users can engage in, such as mining, working in the crypto market, and most importantly, the trading world. If you are also looking forward to making good money, you should know how to get a fill command on your crypto after buying it. For the same, individuals need a bitcoin wallet which is mainly used for storing the crypto. It is an electronic wallet in which users gain access using private keys. Now everyone should know that there are different forms of bitcoin wallets out there. These types offer different services, convenience and accessibility according…

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