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House no 446 Film Watch online streaming on Filmybox app Cast Promo & Trailer

House no 446 Film Watch online streaming on Filmybox app Cast Promo & Trailer

Filmybox app is one of the famous entertainment platform in India, known for bringing fresh and original content to the viewers in all kinds of genres. The platform has released several movies and series before, including Pari, BA Pass, Waqt and many more, and each of them has a different kind of theme and genre that has certainly amused the viewers. Well, the OTT platform is back to entertain audiences with a brand new exciting Indian movie, "House No 446." The genre of the movie is Horror and Thrill. The film "House no 446" is directed by Kritika Sachdeva, while the screenplay of the film is written by Deep Chugh. The cinematography is done by Anshul Sharma with the help…

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7 movies like good on paper you must see

Netflix's 'Good on Paper' sees comedian Iliza Shlesinger as the screenwriter and lead actress of her modern take on a rom-com. Iliza's character Andrea definitely strays from the general formulaic layout of such films and is soon repeatedly cheated on by the man of her dreams, leading to a variety of hilarious situations. Shlesinger takes a lot from real life, as comedians often do, and takes in the film with bizarre but recognizable comedy, supporting the entire film, especially the wacky ending. If you enjoyed the insanely comedic love story with a twist where the main character tries to investigate her mysterious boyfriend, then we have some more unusual romantic comedies for you to enjoy. You can watch most of…

‘Survivor’ Season 41, Episode 7: Sydney Segal Exit Interview

‘Survivor’ Season 41, Episode 7: Sydney Segal Exit Interview

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday's episode of Survivor. In this new, ever-unpredictable era of SurvivorSometimes even winning immunity isn't enough to keep you safe. Former Luvu tribe member Sydney Segal learned that the hard way on Wednesday, after Erica broke the hourglass of time, shifting the safety of Syd's team to the challenge losers. After falling short in the next battle for immunity, only five unlucky players qualified for elimination at a live Tribal Council that exploited mania for a whooole other level. Despite using her Shot in the Dark, Sydney couldn't save herself from collateral damage from paranoia, lurking idols, and the menacing ghost of host Jeff Probst. (Click here for a full summary.) Here, Segal talks…

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