Tackling the treatment of mesothelioma?

The most difficult cancer to deal with is mesothelioma. The treatment of mesothelioma is also very limited. It is a tricky cancer to deal with because it affects the lining of internal organs and makes it an extremely difficult area to deal with.

As a highly invasive and aggressive cancer, it spreads quickly if given the chance and if not caught early. The cause is the mineral, asbestos. The fibers enter the body by inhaling fine asbestos dust and even larger particles. It is therefore also called asbestosis.

These fibers lodge in the mucous membrane of a particular organ and can remain there for many years. An unrelated disease, such as pneumonia, can trigger the cells that have been chafed by these fibers in the body, creating the cancer cells.

Not much has changed in the treatment of mesothelioma in the last ten years. A year-long discussion at a medical conference came up with the idea of ​​trapping the cancer in the mucous membrane of the organ. Enthusiastic doctors have tried that. However, cancer cannot be stopped in any way, which is why this method has not been very successful. It is especially so for this particular cancer.

It actually causes more damage because the cancer then pushes into areas where it wouldn’t have gone for such surgery. To add to the suffering of patients, after the incredibly painful surgery, the patients still have to undergo mesothelioma treatment such as chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy puts more pressure on an already exhausted body. It causes hair loss, nausea and general weakness of the body. The patient also suffers from a terrible redness on the face. Sometimes they are bedridden and can’t do much.

The body can only absorb so much of the chemical. Therefore, the next step would be radiation treatment. Sometimes these two are given together for mesothelioma treatment and the side effects are even worse to deal with. In the case of radium treatment, this is done internally and targeted to the affected area.

Another option is to cut away as much of the lining as possible, after which chemotherapy is administered. This would depend entirely on how quickly the cancer is discovered. If it is early enough, there is a reasonable chance of an extended life.

There are alternative medicines, such as natural ‘medicines’, but not all countries allow these medical alternatives. However, it still remains the choice of the patients what they want to do with regard to the treatment of mesothelioma. Others prefer to just let the disease run its course, while others do everything they can to be cured. The success of these natural treatments also depends entirely on how quickly the cancer is detected, as this is a longer process than conventional treatment.

Much of the success of a treatment also has to do with the attitude of the patient. However, being positive under these circumstances is not so easy. Above all, prevention is the best treatment for this particular cancer.

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