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Sukhbir Singh ignored Kapil Sharma’s question about not getting paid to perform at Isha Ambani’s pre-wedding party: Archana Puran Singh teased for taking Sidhu’s job

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The Kapil Sharma Show is known for putting guests in tricky situations and the comedy show featuring Kapil Sharma, Archana Puran Singh, Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek has often referred to India’s richest family. Just before Sony’s TV show went off the air, Kapil had stunned one of his guests by asking if he had indeed not been paid for his performance at Isha Ambani’s pre-wedding party. The guest, singer Sukhbir Singh, had chosen to avoid Kapil’s question.

Referring to Reliance Jio, owned by Mukesh Ambani, Kapil had asked his guest, “When you performed at Isha Ambani’s pre-wedding position and asked your manager for payment, you were told,”jeete raho Jio ‘ and since then you no longer get a bill for your mobile phone. “

The popular Punjabi singer, who appeared on the show with rapper Badshah, had declined to answer Kapil’s question. Instead, he just said he owned a mobile sim from Dubai and paid his phone bill regularly.

As expected, Kapil had taken the opportunity to target Archana by asking, “How did you get this idea about taking (Navjot Singh) Sidhu ji’s job away? To get rid of a man in a running show. Archana had replied, “A woman’s mind is always faster than a man’s.” Kapil agreed that he couldn’t disagree with Archana, given his two years of experience with her.

Kapil, who was blessed with a baby boy, decided to do so ues to focus on his newborn child. Kapil had taken to Twitter to announce the birth of his son last month, writing, “Namaskaar we are blessed with a baby boy early this morning, by the grace of God Baby and mother both well, thank you so much for all the love, blessings and prayers. i love you all. ginni n kapil. #gratitude.”

Isha Ambani is a director of the Reliance Jio network and plays an active role in expanding the business by bringing in foreign investment. Not many people know that it was Isha who came up with the idea behind Jio. At an event in London in 2018, Mukesh Ambani had said, “Jio’s idea was first sown by my daughter, Isha, in 2011. She studied at Yale (USA) and was home on vacation. She wanted to submit some courses and she said, “Dad, the internet in our house sucks.” “

Kapil had earlier plagued actor Kiara Advani for her friendship with Isha. His penetrating questions had led him to inquire about the wealth of the Ambani people and whether Isha and other prominent members of the Ambani family, such as Akash and Shloka Mehta, threw away their clothes after wearing them once.

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