Succession Season 3: What does it mean for the premiere date?

successionsuccession Season 3 has to be one of the most anticipated seasons of any series out there. However, there are signs that we are still some way from broadcasting on HBO.

After all, we know that filming was done earlier this month! While the show’s set is rather secretive, there are plenty of Instagram clues to suggest work is being done in Italy. We know the show got a late start to season 3 due to the health crisis, but it makes sense: the Roy family are the kind of people who like to travel to these luxurious places and brag about their wealth. It remains to be seen if the pandemic will be addressed in Season 3; if so, we’re not even sure if people like Logan and his family would really care.

We’d love to see season 3 air before the end of the year, but the ball will ultimately be in HBO’s camp. They know they need to fix the premiere date just like they need to fix the season in general. The second season was seen by many as a significant step forward from the first, to the point where the award ceremony was all over the map. They have to make sure the same thing happens again when they come back.

We imagine HBO will release a teaser or something at the same time, they’re announcing a premiere date, and we’re hoping they will for a few months before it comes back. succession is an odd show – we’re not sure if anyone in the cast is all that nice, but there’s something about their antics that makes it endlessly fun to watch.

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What would you most like to see when it comes to succession season 3?

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