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Still Sad About the Ending of ‘BoJack Horseman’? Watch these heartwarming animations –

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Bojack Horseman was certainly one of the most thought-provoking, deep, and surprisingly sentimental animated drama shows to ever exist, and the series couldn’t have given fans a better and bittersweet ending. While many people immediately shrug off animated shows and assume they are superficial and lighthearted, Bojack Horseman was a clear example that proved otherwise.

If you were one of those people who underestimated the power of animated shows before watching Bojack Horseman, then we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of other animated shows that are just as heartwarming and deep. If you’re still not over the beautiful ending of Bojack HorsemanCheck out our list of other animated shows here that we think you should check out that are just as heartwarming.

Adventure Time (2010-2018)

When Adventure Time first arrived in the cartoon scene on Cartoon Network, it was considered nothing more than a children’s show. However, anyone who has seen other Cartoon Network shows before will know that while their content is geared toward kids, many of their shows are enjoyed by adults as well. and if Adventure Time went on, the series evolved into much more mature content with more complex cases.

While the entire series is pretty much G-rated, many of the Adventure Time fanbase is made up of young adults, and for good reason too. While the show still maintains a light-hearted tone, Adventure Time sometimes they also tackle much deeper themes such as philosophy, life and death, and other more mature content. We should also add that there were plenty of moments in the show that made us cry. Her Which good.

If the end of Bojack Horseman made you quite emotional, then enough moments come in Adventure Time who will certainly do the same. One may be a children’s show, but they both face similar issues, with: Adventure Time just treating them in a more G-rated way. However, it certainly doesn’t mean one is better or worse than the other. Both are equally enjoyable and heartwarming.

The Midnight Gospel (2020-present)

If the end of Bojack Horseman you broke, then we guarantee you will love this show. Created by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and comedian Duncan Trussell, this show also covers a host of topics ranging from psychedelic use to mental health to philosophy, and if you thought some scenes from Bojack Horseman were trippy, prepare well for what you are going to experience with this series.

This show uses audio from Duncan Trussell’s podcast to create an animated story that follows the journeys of Clancy Gilroy, a spaceman in a fantastical dimension known as the Chromatic Ribbon. Clancy has access to a multiverse simulator, which prompts him to explore the wonders of a new universe with each episode. It’s trippy, sometimes wild, sometimes sad, and just a unique show that you’re sure to love.

Tuca and Bertie (2019-present)

If you still find yourself with the Bojack Horseman universe, then? Tuca & Bertie on Netflix will definitely give you that much-needed fix. While you’re watching it, you might even notice that some of the show’s look resembles Bojack Horseman, that’s because the show’s creator, Lisa Hanwalt, was also the creative designer on Bojack.

So what’s Tuca & Bertie about? Voiced by iconic actresses Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish, this animated series follows the friendship between two thirty-year-old birdwomen who live in the same block of flats. Tuca is a wild and carefree toucan and Bertie is a fearful songbird. It is a comedy that also has its sweet and heartwarming moments.

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