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Still not got over ‘Lost’? Check out these baffling TV shows –

It was seventeen years ago Lost fell to the audience like a moody nuclear bomb, and eleven years since the TV show ended in sputtering fireworks revealing itself as a dud. Lost developed a huge fan base, and like many shows before it, it ended to the discontent of much of its cult of followers.

Lost is over, and whether you’re a fan who enjoyed one of the most talked about endings on TV, or fell into the haters’ line, you may still be thirsty for that particular Lost feeling tv show. What is a Lost head to do?

We’ve compiled a list of the most Lost-like shows we could find; our list includes series with the moodiness, color and mysterious mood of Lost in which not everything is quickly revealed. Check out the mind benders we discovered below.

sharp objects

HBOs sharp objects came and went in a flashwhen the TV show aired in 2018.

Starring Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson in one of the best performances of her career, sharp objects brings the audience a moody thriller where we don’t know exactly what’s going on. Moreover, we do not know exactly what mystery we are trying to discover.

Like it Lost, at the end of the TV show, we get details of what’s going on in the seven episodes leading up to the sharp objects final. We are certainly not stranded sharp objects – as we watch the TV show we get to see some of the most beautiful mansions in all of Missouri. However, the dark atmosphere set in sharp objects is impossible to ignore and is reminiscent of the classic Lost mood.


M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop’s 2019 series hasn’t made big waves, and we suspect that’s because the show ran on the less subscribed (than Netflix or HBO Max) Apple TV +. However, Servant is exactly in the Lost wheelhouse.

During the first season of Servantwe see a disgruntled couple who have a lifeless baby doll to help them deal with the loss of their child. However, a real live child quickly ends up in the doll’s place when a young nanny is hired, and together with the baby daddy, we are amazed at how the live baby has replaced the doll.

Everywhere reference is made to supernatural elements Servant, but we never know exactly if we live in the world with our rules, or a creepier reality. The mystery (like the Philly setting) is a Shyamalan trademark, so we’re counting on one Sixth Sense twist come the second season, which declined in January 2021.

Top of the lake

Elizabeth Moss just works too much to have recognized all its roles, but Top of the lake is one of the best series she’s ever been a part of.

The series follows the lead of shows such as Twin Peaks, with some unsavory crimes that took place in an otherwise quiet town with a hint of mystery that drew attention to the unknowable, if not the supernatural.

However, Top of the lake takes a focused spin on the contemporary, worn-out formula and moodiness shared with many previous series, with Moss taking the lead as a strong female detective who straddles local law enforcement in a decidedly unawakened community.

If none of this description piques your interest, consider that the show offers expansive, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of New Zealand that feel far more stunning and fantastic than The Shire in LOTR. Like it Lost, all is revealed by the end of the series.

Are we dealing with the hellish nature of man, or is something more ethereal happening in it? Top of the lake? You won’t have to watch for the faint of heart until the end of the series to find out.

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