“SoundTrack” Netflix Show Review – Cast, Plot, Renewal Status and More

Pick some incredible elements from popular shows like La La Land, The OA, This is Us and Magnalio and put them in one bucket to get the magical music journey ‘Soundtrack’. This is the best way to describe the musical drama “Soundtrack” from executive producer “Smash”, Joshua Safran. It is a film that combines love, compassion and disappointment with a series of missed opportunities.


SoundtrackIs one of the highest rated Netflix TV series that drew huge audiences on its debut. The series beautifully portrays a story of love and passion for music. The plot connects a group of diverse and disparate people in Los Angeles with a music band that ignites in their hearts and minds. Created as ‘Mixtape’ for a popular TV network, ‘Soundtrack’ defines the meaning of music and emphasizes ‘all songs are love songs’.

“Soundtrack” makes effective use of the true essence of music, with a fun family drama in the background. The excellent placement of tunes and music emphasizes the emotions and feelings of the family members.

The first season of “Soundtrack” debuted on December 18 and immediately becomes one of the top shows. It received huge positive reviews from the fans for its unique and out-of-the-box plots. Although the show received mixed reviews from the critics, it secured a place in the hearts of fans. Due to the critic’s mixed review, “Soundtrack” does not have much success in terms of appreciation. The show has a rating of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. While a 6.8 rating on IMDb. However, there are many fans of the twisted musical journey. The cast performance, cinematography and choreography delighted many fans. The audience appreciated the conceptual approach to the romantic musical drama. Although “Soundtrack” was titled “The Failed Experiment,” the show added a pinch of creativity to the old-school plots.

Soundtrack TV series plot

“Soundtrack” is one of the popular American musical drama fantasies created by Joshua Safran. The debut season premiered in December 2019 on the famous streaming platform Netflix. The series provides a clear picture of the love stories that connect different people in modern-day Los Angeles through a wonderful musical journey. The creators describe each episode of the series as a song that captures a strong emotional story.

soundtrack netflix.

“Soundtrack” starts with Sam looking into the camera. It starts with a happy note that indicates how each song is a love song. The story beautifully outlines the essence of love through music and defines the importance of finding the perfect music that defines an individual’s life experience. The plot takes the audience to intertwine timelines with the romantic lead characters Sam and Nellie. Each episode is a song centered around two characters who often wander around an extraordinary world of musical fantasies. However, the creator has added a twist and turn to surprise the audience on a few points. The timelines of the two characters often overlap to re-channel the plot and bring something new to the audience. The lip sync of each song to the series is excellent, and it often confuses viewers as if the characters were signing themselves.

“Soundtrack” primarily revolves around two characters: Sam, a widower who had to leave his own home due to unequal circumstances. Sam loves music, and he is quoted as a songwriter and singer on the show. The story continues to introduce Nellie, an artist who plays a major role on the show. “Soundtrack” also features tons of supporting characters around the show leaders, Sam and Nellie. Some of them are – Sam’s cousin Dante, Annette, Dante’s mom, Nellie’s mom, Frank, Nellie’s dad, Margot, Joanna and more.

Soundtrack cast list

The soundtrack contains a bucket full of popular faces. The main character Sams and Nellie is played by Paul James and Callie Hernandez respectively. Jenna Dewan plays Joanna; Madeleine Stowe plays Margot. Jahmil French plays Dante Sands, Megan Ferguson plays Gigi. In addition to them, Marianne Jean Baptiste plays Annette Sands, Christina Milian plays De ‘Andra, Isaiah Givens plays Barry Hughes, etc.

soundtrack netflix.

Will the soundtrack be back with season 2?

The first season of “Soundtrack” hit Netflix in December 2019 and received a mixed review. Although the show was at the top of Netflix shows for a while, negative reviews are pushing the show back. After season 1, the creators kept absolute silence about the show’s future. However, a few days ago, the creators claimed ‘Soundtrack’ as a failed experiment. So, given the show-makers’ negative approach, we can speculate that “Soundtrack” most likely won’t bring the next season. However, if the creators come up with news about the show, we’ll be the first to update you.

How do I watch the TV show “Soundtrack” online?

“Soundtrack”, one of the most watched TV shows of 2019, is available on the popular streaming platform Netflix. The premium members can enjoy the musical ride of the “Soundtrack” on Netflix.

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