So you can train with the equipment you have at home

You don’t always have to set up a home gym to stay fit and get exercise at all times. Maybe you didn’t fix it, but if you look closely you have many things at home that are useful for training. Avoiding travel and the loss of time, saving good money or being able to exercise when it suits you are some of the benefits of exercising without going to the gym.

If you choose to work out at home, your training session can be as complete as the one at the gym if you try that practice with the material you have at home. Keep reading!

How do you use the equipment you have at home for training?

Dumbbells, barbells, or cardio machines can be replaced with items as common as a towel, chair, or broomstick. There are no excuses for not spending a few minutes train with the equipment you have at hand. Whatever your goal – to lose weight, strengthen muscles or stay in top shape – you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

A towel

Something as mundane as a towel can be great for doing a variety of exercises, especially if your goal is to train your arms and back. Simply rolling it up and unrolling it as if you were squeezing it out is an excellent move to strengthen your forearms. Another exercise you can do with a towel at home is to hold it at both ends and raise your arms above your head. Stretch from this position and try to ‘break’ it and you will train the muscles of your upper back.

Food packages and bottles

There are many home elements that are perfect for this exercise at home with extra weight. Each kilo / liter container or brick (rice, pasta and milk) delivers perfect dumbbells or discs. You can also use a ‘blunt’ book or a plastic bottle filled with liquid or, for example, sand (good idea for recycling). With this training material that you have at homeyou can do countless exercises, from the bicep curl to weighted arm extensions to train your chest muscles.

Some effective squats, with a pack in each hand, or a stride, are also excellent options for exercising without leaving home. Are you in shape and do you want to do deadlifts? Well, with a stick and two carafes of water, each at one end, you already have a stick of discs perfect for hard work.

A chair

Anyone can, so you can’t say you’re lacking material to practice at home. There are many exercises you can do with a chair. By simply sitting on the edge and practicing knee-to-chest raises, you are already doing some good sit-ups. You can also use it to lie on the floor and support your heels on the chair, doing raises to continue working the abs. A chair is also perfect home workout item to make dips and get rid of any hint of weakness in your arms.


With just a few steps at home, you already have a perfect element to do a cardio workout. Practice getting on and off or jumping with both legs at the same time burn calories and fat without leaving home. If there are no steps, any sturdy box or drawer can perfectly perform the same function and help you complete an effective stair workout.

Children’s toys, good allies for exercise

Taking care of a baby or small child that is not standing still is of course already a tough training, but besides that, some toys from the “adults” can become excellent. material to practice at home. Ask your daughter to borrow the rope and you will be able to do a lot of aerobic exercises, from the typical jumps to other more complex moves like side jumps, single leg or side jumps. A ball is also good for you to practice, from arm lifts, holding it and carrying it overhead, to sit-ups, placing it between your ankles and raising your legs to the floor.

You know, comfortable clothes, a little music and the and training material that you have at home is all you need to get in shape in the most comfortable and economical way.

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