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Snabba Cash Season 2 Release Date: Is It Season 2 On Cards?

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The latest Swedish crime action thriller, Snabba Cash, is part of Netflix’s international offering. The series is based on the trilogy of the books called ‘Stockholm Noir’ written by Jens Lapidus. He has also written and directed the series by Jesper Ganslandt.

The show revolves around Leya, a single mother and ambitious entrepreneur who faces obstacles from running her start-up business. In her determined effort to keep her business going, she comes face to face with dangerous people.

Snabba Cash season 2 release date

The streaming service isn’t making an official announcement about Season 2 just yet, but it doesn’t seem too far off with the wide range of responses. And we all know that language is no longer a barrier now that all global series are made available. Fauda (Israeli crime thriller) and Money Heist (Spanish robbery crime) are on the same page. The series has yet to renew, and if that happens soon, we can expect the upcoming season in 2022.

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Snabba Cash: How Good Is The Show?

Inspired by the storyline of the books, three films have been made, the first in 2010, which took the box office in Sweden by storm. It drew international attention after its massive post-release response, and Warner Bros has obtained the same rights.

Evin Ahmed as Leya is gorgeous, and she’s gluing us all to the screens. Jens Lapidus, the author of the books, helped a lot as the show’s writer. And that he’s the criminal defense attorney is a total bonus to the gripping storyline.

So it is not surprising that Netflix chooses to make a series. With the trilogy of books, there is always enough to run a TV series and the first season of Snabba Cash drew audiences everywhere.

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