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Have you invested time and money in picking out the perfect set of golf clubs to suit your handicap? Are they currently standing against a corner of your garage, uncovered, dirty and festering? Then this guide is for you.

Don’t let lockdown be the excuse for your prize golf clubs for men go unloved. Instead, follow these six simple maintenance tips that will ensure that when we can finally get back to the green, they’ll look just as good as they did the day you bought them.

  • Always keep your golf clubs dry

A wet golf club is a deadly sin. It’s also a one-way ticket to rust.

Nobody wants a rusty golf club, especially when you’ve made a full monthly wage from a top brand. Making sure they are well wiped clean before putting them away is enough to keep rust at bay. It only takes a few minutes, so there’s no excuse for not actually doing it.

Speaking of dry golf clubs. like you really if you want to bring out that brilliant shine, you’ll want to use a golf towel. Sure, you can get branded golf towels, but you don’t have to spend money if a dish towel or small hand towel would do the job just fine. Whatever you use, if you make sure its sole purpose is to keep your clubs dry, it won’t get dirty or broken. And, most importantly, make sure you take it with you on every journey to the links, as it will come in handy as you work your way through the course.

  • Clean the heads between uses

That leads us nicely to our third tip – keep yourself Golf Club dry BETWEEN applications. Yep, that means you can’t just give it once when you’re packing for the day, but listen to this!

Using your golf towel to dry the heads between holes will not only make it easier to clean them at the end of the day, but it will also make them less slippery, giving you a more precise and precise hit while gaming . So it is really a win-win for you!

Without a doubt one of the most important elements of your golf club. And the one most neglected is the grips. A grip that is in good working order can make you feel powerful, confident and like any shot is possible, but to get that, you have to keep it clean.

Sweat, dirt, natural debris, sunscreen – they can all collect in the edges of your grip, causing them to underperform when you need them most. So pay close attention to your grips after a day on the green. And if you feel like yours isn’t benefiting from your extra attention, you can buy replacement handles for a reasonable price!

While this is not the case for every type of men’s golf club, many are fragile and easily damaged during transport or storage. The good news is that a simple headcover is enough to provide protection and keep them in pristine condition. Buying head covers for all of your clubs is recommended, but if you want to spend as little as possible, fairway woods, putters and hybrids are what you should invest your money for.

Last but not least, and a pretty obvious one, is to make sure your golf clubs are properly stored. “Storage” in this case includes everything from where they go when you walk from one hole to another, to where they are when they’re not being used at all.

The answer? Well, it can only be one thing – and that’s a great golf club bag! There are hundreds on the market, from budget to premium, waterproof, sturdy, with or without extra pockets, and from some of the most renowned brands on the market. The possibilities are endless, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Are your golf clubs crying out for some TLC?

You can’t appreciate a well-maintained golf club … well, actually you can – and it’s certainly a practice that deserves its way!

But if your tired golf clubs have been unloved for too long, you may need to invest in a new set, and suppliers like Clarkes’ Golf Store offer some competitive options to get you started. Without breaking the bank! With your new Golf Clubs in hand, and these hacks in mind, you have everything you need to break your 2021 goals on the green.

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