Sistas season 3 release date is hoping for BET, Cast, Plot and other details

Sistas is a successful television series about the lives of four black women who are looking for love in their thirties. The show was first broadcast on BET on October 23, 2019. Since then, this comedy drama has garnered a real fan base and is one of the top series on BET. With Season 2 at the end, the natural question was, will we get to see Season 3? And it’s no surprise that the answer is yes.

The second season of the show did fall in the rankings and there was a dip in viewership. But compared to other shows on BET, the drop was negligible, with only a 4% drop in the rankings and 6% in viewership. Surprisingly, the show has managed to increase its live audience from Season 1 to Season 2. A feat that is unusual in this industry today.

So it’s no surprise that BET has recommissioned the show for a third run.

Release date for Sistas season 3

Tyler Perry is known for finishing his projects quickly, and he has managed to do the same even during the pandemic. Filming in a bubble setting of Tyler’s studio, work for Season 2 was completed within two weeks of its inception. And was ready to air in mid-October. A blessing for the fans who do not have to wait long for the next new addition.

Season 3 of the show was given the green light by BET on January 19, 2021. And this was even before the start of the second half of Season 2, which aired its final episode on March 31, 2021. This further shows that BET has the faith. In the series.

Considering that season 3 filming was scheduled for January and Tyler’s fast-paced work. Filming must have already ended, so we can even expect the third season to air during the summer months of 2021.

Expectations from season 3

As it seems so far, nothing out of the ordinary can be expected from the season. However, we have to keep an eye out for Gary and Andi as marriage is a concern for one of them. And also the problems Karen and Aron will have to solve to keep their relationship strong.

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