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Sick of true crime documentaries? Watch these movies about serial killers –

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Are you tearing through every new true crime document as soon as it’s launched? For those who are like most streaming followers, nothing beats the morbid fascination tickled by a true crime documentary, and the viewers can’t get enough.

HBOs The Jinx had streaming followers addicted to telling the true crimes of Robert Durst in 2015. The years that followed gave us a storm of movies and collections as addictive as 2016 Amanda Knox, 2017’s Kidnapped in plain sight, and 2019’s Tell me who I am just to call a few.

Nonetheless, the recognition of real crime paperwork has eclipsed the fictional crime films – audiences soon forgot about the thrilling serial killers movies that gave the viewer so quickly. Luckily for them, we’ve compiled an inventory of serial killer movies that shame even the most immersive true crime documentaries. That is what we are doing.


2007’s Zodiac is one of essentially the most polarizing movies about serial killers as a result of (spoiler alert) the murderer was by no means discovered. But that does not matter Zodiac far less useful as one of essentially the most intriguing serial killer movies, and it’s based primarily on the true story of the zodiac murders of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

David Fincher’s emblems are constantly being used Zodiac, because the director gives us uncomfortably intimate reconstructions of the real-life murders of the Zodiac killer. Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhall play detectives who, just like in real life, have not discovered their husbands. In Zodiac, Fincher offers us a serial killer movie like no other.

crimson dragon

Most true crime watchers have seen one of the greatest serial killers movies of all time, iconic from 1991 Silence of the lambs, but fewer have seen the 2002 prequel crimson dragon

Audiences could have slowed their curiosity about the cinema ‘s most famous cannibal killer in 2001 Hannibal flopped, however crimson dragon redeems Anthony Hopkins’ long-standing post and respects the Hannibal trilogy.

Ed Norton plays an ex-FBI agent who was nearly killed by Hannibal before sending the killer to prison and heading for a sunny Florida retirement. The FBI then wants him to help catch the Tooth Fairy killer, Ralph Fiennes’ fiendish brute who makes Buffalo Invoice look like a cheap man.

The Tooth Fairy Killer seems like a tricky nut to crack, and the FBI wants some extra help from (you guessed it) the well-known good hit man Hannibal Lecter. Will the killer be caught or will Hannibal’s thoughts video games put FBI money and time in the trash, along with his various unsolved cases? To find out, check out these two-for-one, one of the perfect early 2000s movies about serial killers.

A walk among the many tombstones

Liam Neeson thrillers are about as laborious to return as a breath of oxygen, and never many people can go toe-to-toe with canon-like Taken2014’s A walk among the many tombstones is one of the perfect shots of Neeson with tons of gun-wielding heroes and comes out Queen’s Gambit co-creator Scott Frank in his second course.

Neeson plays Detective Scudder who is hired after her kidnapping to return from retirement to track down a hit man after a sufferer’s husband breaks his husband from items in a car. Likewise, brutal murders are on the rise, and Neeson follows closely in an effort to confront the killers and save lives as he goes through his personal demons.

Eyes of Laura Mars

Serial killer films had been around for a long time before digital images with excessive definition, and ten-part collection of true crimes became the norm, and Eyes of Laura Mars the serial killer nailed long before then Appropriate – method again in ’78.

Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones star in this iconic Nineteen Seventies NYC serial murder thriller with great edge and experience directed by Irvin Kershner, who Star Wars freaks will know The empire strikes again to the enormous showing as a director.

Visually beautiful with nice POV that nods to horror classics Squeaky Tom Halloween Eyes of Laura Mars is a movie that might make you guess and open your mouth with its twists and turns and just plain wild ending – Exclusive Entertainment Site