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Sick of 123 movies? Other Choices to Watch Free Movies Online – FilmyOne

Watch and Download Movies Online
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

We can all admit that while we love a free movie every once in a while, some sites can be incredibly sketchy. From the endless pop-up ads to the bad interface, visiting a free streaming site like 123movies can seem like you’re just asking for a virus.

While 123movies may be one of the more popular free sites to use, there are many more that not only feature less annoying popup ads and offer more professional renderings, but are also perfectly legal to use. We have a list of free streaming sites ready for you to watch your next favorite movie.


Crackle, a site owned by Sony, is considered one of the best online streaming sites that will in no way hurt your wallet. Although it runs through advertisements, there are no annoying popups and only appear a few times during the movie, just like a commercial break. The site features all kinds of movies from horror, drama, comedy, space movies and more. You can also create an account to create your own watchlist.


Tubi TV has been around since 2014 and is also considered one of the best free and ad-supported streaming services Outside. On this site you are also allowed to create your own account and you can even download the Tubi app and stream your favorite movies and TV shows on any device you want. The site also recently created a kid’s version with all kinds of family-friendly content to watch along with the little ones.


Most of the movies offered on YouTube are available for sale or rent online for a reasonable price, but did you know that the site also has a library of movies that can be streamed for free with ads? There is all kinds of movies on YouTube from classic action movies to romantic comedies and more. Some popular movies here include Super size me Traitor Moonstruck Fargo Uptown Girls, and more.

Internet archive

Internet Archive may sound a bit strange at first, but listen to us. If you’re a classic movie buff, you’re in luck. Internet Archive Listings hundreds of hours of streaming for many classic films, because they are uploaded by other users or are in the public domain. We guarantee that your next favorite silent movie will be on this site.

Watch and Download Movies Online


We have some good news for those who have a public library card or are attending college, as this site offers free online streaming for all of you. Just go to their site to check if your library or university is a participating partner. Kanopy can be streamed on a variety of devices, and the site offers all kinds of movies for you to watch.


IMDb TV offers a ton of great TV shows and movies online that are available to stream with a free accountWhat’s great is that you can also check out other users’ ratings and other fun facts about the movie before deciding whether to watch it or not. As of now, some classics include here Big fish Anger Charlie’s Angels The imitation game Donnie Darko, and much more.


Hoopla is also similar to Kanopy in the sense that if your local library partners with this site and you own a library pass, you can access a seemingly endless variety of free movies and TV shows. The site also features music, audiobooks, comics, and more. Hoopla works just like a regular library, so you can only borrow a certain number of books or movies at a time and you have to finish them by a certain date.

What other free streaming sites would do that you add to this list? To have you tried them all, and if so what was your experience like? Let us know in the comments.

Watch and Download Movies Online