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Shoe makeovers you really want to do.

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Shoe makeovers you really want to do.  STAT!
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Shoe makeovers you really want to do.  STAT!

When it comes to makeovers, we focus on updating our wardrobe or changing up our looks, but how much have you considered giving your shoes a spin?

And no, not all DIYs are insidious!


Your boring shoes could use some dots!

You will need:

– Ballet shoes

– A sharpie (that works on leatherette and other materials)


– Keep your hand firm and unleash your creative streak by drawing dots at good intervals.

– Do the same on the other shoe.

Image source: Pinterest


Add a nice pair of bows to make them look unique.

You will need:

– Bias tape- ¼ and ½ inch (at any hobby store)

– Shoes (preferably pumps)

– Textile glue

– Scissors


– Iron the bias tape first. Do not smooth out the double fold!

– Use ¼ inch bias tape for the lining, starting at the outer edge, just below the curve. This is where you will place the bow.

– Remember while applying the glue; less is more.

– Run your fingers through the tape and smooth it out.

– Repeat the same on the other shoe. This time, start in the opposite direction to the first shoe.

– Now start making a bow with the inch bias tape.

– Now just glue the bow over the seam.

Image source: Pinterest


Studs look cool everywhere! It’s even cooler when you wear them on shoes!

You will need:

– Flats

– Studs with flat back

– Strong glue


– Determine a pattern

– Apply a small amount of glue to each stud and start sticking according to your pattern.

– Let them dry well.

Image source: Pinterest


Add feminine lace accents to keep your shoes looking as good as new.

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You will need:

– Shoes

– Lace accents

– Craft glue

– Toothpicks


– Determine the placement of the lace appliqué

– Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue to the application

– Place it on the heel and press gently

– Repeat the same with the other pair.

– Let it dry completely.

Image source: Pinterest


A super way to add a pop of color to your neutral colored shoe!

You will need:

– Shoes in neutral shade, without any kind of big finishes

– Cleaning alcohol

– Clothes

– Q-tips

– Neon nail polishes

– White paint

– Nail polish remover

– Adhesive tape

– Brush

– Hair dryer (optional)


– Stick tape on the places you don’t want to paint.

– Use rubbing alcohol with a cloth on the exposed area of ​​the shoes.

– Apply white paint as a primer to the exposed areas. Let it dry overnight.

– Start painting, starting with the soles. Use the lightest colors first when painting as you can recolor if you mess up.

– Continue painting until you are satisfied with the finish.

– Let it dry overnight.

These shoe makeovers are simple yet so chic! So, how’s this for some style inspiration?

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