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‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ Attack on Titan Chapter 132: release date, plot, spoiler, recap, where to find it online and everything else

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It’s been over a year since fans of the hit anime and Manga series, Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan, have been waiting for the next chapter in the series. Looks like the wait is finally over. Ever since Covid-19’s lockdown, fans have been waiting for a heads up on what’s to come in Attack on Titan. Several reports suggested fans were extremely anxious when the Attack on Titan didn’t bring final chapters or restart after the third season.

We bring you all the details of the upcoming chapter.

Previously in Attack on Titan episode 131

The 131st chapter started with two random guys namely Halil & Ramzi hiding some coins. The bag was buried deep in the earth. Halil thought he and Ramzi shouldn’t steal. However, Ramzi responded by suggesting that people should leave the tent and be at peace with each other even during the winter.

However, the young boys’ world fell apart when they saw people running who feared for their lives and tried to protect themselves.

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Soon there is a flashback in which Eren suggests that he would one day kill someone like he did with the people of the paradise island. According to Eren, if the Eldians were to die, the Titan people’s concerns will end immediately. Nevertheless, in a twisted story of the fate, Eren protected Ramzi who was struck down by merchants while he stole the coins. After rescuing Ramzi, Eren bursts into tears and apologizes for not being able to save everyone.

This episode featured multiple flashbacks in which Ramzi and Halil were crushed by the feet of a Titan. Also one of the flashbacks showed a conversation between Eren and Armin in which they discussed the people who lived behind the wall.

The plot of Chapter 132 is taken from this episode

Chapter 132 Release date

According to Iseyama’s recent revelation, the manuscript of the next chapter is already ready. The next chapter will also be released on September 9, 2020. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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