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Shadowverse Episode 47 Release date, watch online and preview

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Hiro and Eji still collide in the Sky Castle. It is the fight between father and son; the fate of the world is at stake. Eji has shown Hiro who that father is, Hiro is beaten and he only has one point left. He told his son that if he continues to struggle, he will suffer pointlessly. He told him to give up everything and his dream.

Hiro refuses to give up and Eji reminds him that his best card, the Legendary card, has been destroyed. He got up and told his father, but he promised not to lose. When he’s about to fall again, Rowen grabs him on the other side. Rowen lends his powers to Hiro. He told Hiro to save this world, and he disappears.

Shadowverse Episode 47 will be released on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 5:55 am Crunchyroll or Anime planet Let’s see who is going to win the battle between father and son.

Previously in Shadowverse episode 46

Hiro unleashed a detonation dragon and drew a card that turned into an Ignis dragon. He orders the Infinity Dragon to howl and deal damage to the enemy leader. The Evolved Ignis Dragon attacks Shadow Ignis Dragon. Eji orders Shadow Ignis Dragon to counterattack. The two dragons release a laser beam that blocks each other. Eji notes that Shadow Howling has improved Shadow Ignis Dragon.

Hiro enhances the effects of Ignis Dragon and its defenses. Shadow Ignis Dragon was blown away and exploded. Eji asks Hiro if he doesn’t want to give up, as he only has one more defense. Hiro reveals that Infitityflame Dragon activates its effect when it attacks an enemy follower. It deals the same amount of queen as the declarer.

Eji has 19 points and wonders why he is beaten by his son, who only has one point. Hiro attacks with a howling Ignis Dragon and lets his father fly. Eji manages to land safely on the ground. But he is surprised that his points have dropped from 19 to zero. Hiro bows his head to say he has won, and Eji accepted defeat.

Hero of the world


Eji realizes that it is the first time that his son has defeated him in his life. It’s the first time he’s lost in a Shadowverse. He realizes that his son fought with power from all over the world. Hiro carried a burden from the whole world on his shoulders. Eji notes that he believes in Hiro and gives him his powers.

Hiro asks what this is, and he replies that it is the power he has with Asagi when he stops the Nexus. But he never got the hang of it and believes Hiro will be able to. They both had a father to talk to a son, and he told Hiro to save this world and Asagi. Realizing that Hiro is the hero of the world, Hiro was teleported somewhere. Hiro assures his father that he will save his mother and this world.

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He battles Nexus, and when he arrived, he met a girl. But when he looks up, he sees his mother floating in the air. The girl reveals that she is the heart of Asagi. Nexus rules her body and Hiro asks, even if he saves the world, it means he won’t save Asagi. Leo clapped his hands and told Hiro he was impressed.

Ruler of the world



Hiro and Leo, why he’s here, replies that everything was according to his plans, and he woke up. Hiro asks him if he knows the Tree of Woe would absorb the world. Leo said he knows and Great Power, he’s come. Leo unleashes his power and attacks Asagi. He reveals that he is the ruler of the world. The ruler of the world will defeat the hero of the world. He locks Asagi with his dark forces and seals her inside.

Leon made a huge bang and Hiro asks where his mother is. Leo reveals that he recorded Asagi along with Nexus. They are both in him. He told Hiro not to worry as he would put an end to everything in this world. He will be the one to rule the world in the future. Hiro notes that it is the final battle between a ruler and a hero.

Hiro summons Aiela, Dragon Knight, who attacks Mainyu. The Sandstorm Dragon attacks Leo’s leader. Loe is impressed that Hiro has grown, but he is too young to beat him. He notes that because of this he wants to destroy Hiro for the sake of his Nexus project. Leo plays Disaster Priest and reveals his plans to Hiro. He unleashed a Shadow Deck and told Hiro that he is witnessing the birth of God.

Shadowverse Episode 47 Preview

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