‘Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles’ Episode 3 Live Stream Details: How To Watch Online [Spoilers]


  • Rio wants to travel after graduation
  • Claire comes to the conclusion that Rio wants to go beyond the academy
  • “Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles” Episode 3 will air this Monday

After graduating, Rio wants to visit his parents’ homeland, the Yagumo region. In “Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles” episode 3, Claire accepts Celia Rio’s wish to leave the country. The upcoming episode is titled ‘Kingdom of Lies’.

The official website has released spoiler stills and synopsis of “Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles” episode 3. The spoilers suggest that five years have passed since Rio’s transfer to the Beltrum Royal Academy. The students are preparing for the upcoming outdoor exercises and final exams.

In the previous episode, Professor Claire introduced Celia Rio, a transfer student from the slums. After rescuing Princess Flora from the kidnappers, the king was impressed and enrolled him in the prestigious wizarding school.

Despite the bullying, Rio vowed to study hard. He did his best and earned the trust of his instructors. Unfortunately, the other students were jealous of his skills and even looked down on him for being from the slums.

“As a reward for rescuing the kidnapped Princess Flora, Rio is enrolled in the primary school division of the Beltrum Royal Academy. However, the students at the academy are mostly the children of royalty and the nobility, and they do not welcome the orphans Rio. so many scornful looks at him, there is one person who is concerned about him: Celia, a girl of twelve who, nevertheless, at her young age, is a primary school teacher.Since Rio cannot read, Professor Celia tells him private tutoring after school”, according to the synopsis of episode 2 crunchy rolls.

The cast of “Seirei Gensouki –Spirit Chronicles” anime includes Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Rio/Haruto Amakawa, Asuka Nishi as Alma, Yukina Shutou as Orphia, Yuuki Kuwahara as Aishia, Tomori Kusunoki as Latifa, Sayumi Suzushiro as Christina Beltrum, Sayaka Kaneko as Roanne Fontaine, Sayaka Harada as Miharu Ayase, Koji Yusa as Reiss Vulfe, Kenji Hamada as Alfred Emerle, Kaede Hondo as Flora Beltrum, Hiyori Nitta as Sara, Atsushi Tamaru as Charles Arbor, and Akane Fujita as Celia Claire.

Fans can watch “Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles” Episode 3 online at Crunchyroll. The episode will be streamed live this Monday in Japanese with English subtitles.

‘Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles’ Episode 3 Live Stream Details: How To Watch Online [Spoilers] Crunchyroll Expo Photo: Michael Ocampo/Flickr/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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