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Season 8 updates of Southern Charm | Thomas accused Patricia of being ‘racist’

Season 8 updates of Southern Charm |  Thomas accused Patricia of being ‘racist’
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American reality shows have been gaining popularity for a long time. With series such as Too Hot to Handle, Big Brother, Married is at first glance in the trend, the other series are also trying to fit in the position. Doesn’t matter, all of this would just lead to the great content of shows for the viewers and it would be very easy for them to choose from this range of reality shows. Southern Charm is one of Bravo’s famous reality shows that has been airing since 2014.

This series has been released for the people for seven consecutive seasons. The show recently released its 7 seasons and after the show has ended, there have been major talks about season 8. Not only this, but the reality show has been in talks lately for a host of reasons that aren’t that great at all.

If you are a fan then it is your right and responsibility to know everything about the show. We will discuss everything about Southern Charm for you. Let’s get started without much delay.

Southern Charm – A Bravo’s Reality show

Season 8 updates of Southern Charm |  Thomas accused Patricia of being ‘racist’

A TV reality show that was first released on March 3, 2014 on Bravo Network. Created by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudlr-Smith, this show is perfectly balanced with content and entertainment.

Unlike the other reality shows, The Southern Charm focuses on the southern part, such as Southern California. The show was filmed in Charleston, a great place in Southern California. When I said that this show is not like the other reality shows, I meant that Southern Charm shows their content well and also carries on the tradition of the show. I personally like that they try to carry on their tradition and keep telling viewers the southern history of the region.

In addition, they also have several episodes that tell the history of Southern California in particular.

Now coming back to the show that focuses on the lives of 7 individuals who live and chill in the southern region. Initially, the show was mainly focused on Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Jenna King, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith, but over the years interest has shifted to other contestants as some of them have left the show.

With seven seasons on Bravo, the show is currently going well in every way. Now people want to know if they will renew the show for the eighth season or not.

Southern Charm – Is there season 8 coming?

Southern Charm season 8

Season 7 of the Southern Charm was originally announced on September 24, 2020 and aired on television on October 29 of the same year, but as the world began to feel the need to lock up and quarantine and increase the number of cases of covid -19 increased significantly, makers took a step back.

The show then stopped filming future episodes of Season 7. The audience felt sad after hearing this news, but it was necessary. The show started airing its episodes again, and the final season aired it on February 11, 2021.

After the season has ended, the big question is whether there will be season 8 or not?

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In May 2020, officials confirmed that Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner will not stay on the show. There was no particular reason behind this decision. It never really mattered why they left the show, but they did.

Then in August 2020., the reality TV star Eliza Limehouse said she will also be leaving the show and not be a part of the next seven seasons. Now the show has left with only a handful of contestants and it wouldn’t be great to see them on the show.

Speaking of season 8, only Rose, Conover, Kroll and Dennis are left and I don’t know if Bravo will renew the show for season 8. There are also rumors that the TV channel has renewed reality. show and will release the season in 2022. Well, it is very difficult to verify so there is not much to say about it.

There is no official announcement about the season 8 confirmation and cancellation then it is a 50-50 situation. If anything about the show is released, I’ll let you know.

Thomas Ravanel calls Patricia Altschul a ‘racist’

One of the Southern House contestants i.e. Thomas released a controversial statement about her former contestant Patricia. On Mother’s Day, the reality TV star calls her ex-best friend a racist for his Home Decor idea.

It started as early as March when viewers began to see Patricia’s decoration. The thing started when people saw her Christmas tree and how it was decorated. The Christmas tree contains two Confederate flags and many people began to see it as a racist. People also ask her and the TV channel to answer what was going on.

Thomas took to his Twitter account and decided to show up on Mother’s Day saying it’s okay with Bravo to have a “RacistAs their employee.

After the post, many people also responded in Partica’s favor. One person said: “@Thomasravenel I’ve always been a fan of yours, Mr. Ravenel! But this is below you. Please don’t bend as low as others. The South has a stigma on them for slavery and any kind of exploitation of this only keeps the media and narrow-minded people happy. Please delete! “

While another says, “Choosing not to grow is really awful. Learning old-fashioned is wrong. We cannot change the past, but we can choose to grow and change the future. The racist Confederate flag must be buried. I don’t care how much money or influence you have. The figurine can be stored in a box. “

The irony is that the TV show spells out the entire BLACK LIVES MATTER situation in their series and never really provided an explanation behind Patrica’s behavior. Well, it is still a hot topic and nothing is known so far. If so, I’ll update you with this article. Tell me what you think about this problem?

Final words

The show finished their season 7 this year and it has received a good response from the audience, but somehow the audience is bored with their regular content and as many people have already terminated their contracts with the show, it is sad to see the show see without the original cast. The show has an IMDb rating of 6.3 / 10 and the show’s ratings summary is only 2.7 stars. There are already rumors about the upcoming season 8 in 2022, but for many it is still a mystery.

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