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Season 5 of The Elite: Will Guzmán Leave Netflix TV Series ‘Elite’ Before Season 5?

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Will Guzmán Leave Netflix TV Series ‘Elite’ Before Season 5?  –
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The good news is that the The elite TV series will definitely get a fifth season. The bad news is that Guzman’s character may not be joining the rest of the cast. The first three seasons of the The elite TV series focuses on three teenagers accustomed to a working-class lifestyle trying to adjust to a private school in Spain, where they are surrounded by wealthy classmates.

One thing leads to another when cultural differences cause major clashes on campus, resulting in the murder of a student. Guzman is a character that was especially fun to watch for the first three seasons, leaving fans wondering if he’ll be in Season 4. It doesn’t look like he will be.

Why is Guzman leaving?

Season 4 of the The elite The TV series ended with Guzman driving into the sunset with Ander and leaving Las Encinas. Apparently that’s where his storyline ends – forever. Miguel Bernardeau, the actor behind Guzman’s role, said on Instagram: “Hey, this is Miguel Bernardeau and for those who see the finale of The elite season 4, I wanted to say goodbye and send you a big hug.”

He also said: “I wanted to thank everyone for the… The elite team, the production, the direction, for my castmates, those who are still around, those who are not, I will always have you in my heart and it was a huge pleasure working with you.” He worked with an incredible cast & crew for the first four seasons of the The elite TV series. Seeing him separate from the show is pretty heartbreaking.

Bernardeau ended his message with the words: “Thank you to Netflix for giving me this opportunity, to the creators and especially to Guzmán for teaching me that it’s never too late to change wherever you are. See you soon” are not ready to say goodbye yet!But it seems that this decision has been made completely and officially.

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Where else do you see Miguel Bernardaeu?

The The elite TV series are not the only show where fans can watch Miguel Bernardaeu. While he’s done an incredible job playing the part of Guzman, it’s not the only trick he has up his sleeve. In 2017, he starred in a movie called It’s for your own good about three men who are tired of their daughters’ boyfriends. They come up with a plan to get their girls to dump the losers they’re with.

In 2018, Bernardeau also starred in a movie called wave of crime about a boy who accidentally kills his own father in an uncontrolled moment of rage. Rather than report him to the police, his mother does her best to dispose of the body.

Now that Bernardeau has finished filming The elite, it’s very possible that he’ll be signing in new roles with new castmates on new TV shows and movies. It is exciting to think about what awaits him in his career as an actor.

What will the show be like without Guzman?

Even though Miguel Bernardaeu will not return, the rest of the cast will still be returning to continue the story. Itzan Escamilla as Samuel, Ester Expósito as Carla, and Omar Ayuso as Omar will still be featured on the show. There are plenty of questions to be answered once season 5 of The elite finally aired.

Will anyone discover Armando’s dead body? When will Ari & Samuel finally make things official and become a couple? Will Patrick try to hurt Omar as he seeks revenge? Will Cayeta be able to pursue a career in fashion? Will Benjamin be able to keep his position as director? Will Rebe’s mom ever stop dealing drugs? Even without Guzman around, there’s a lot to look forward to.

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