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Season 2 of ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’: S3 release date coming to Netflix in May 2021

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The anime basketball show was released in January 2021; it has since become a hit with basketball fans. Finally, here’s the announcement for Season 2 which will also hit Netflix in May. The show became popular among sports fans. By the way, the only sports animation on the run from 2012-2015. Also the most requested binge watch show by everyone.

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2: Storyline

Kuroko is the sixth of ‘The Generation of Miracles’. He joins the Seirin High School Basketball Club. Taiga Kagami is another basketball player who joins the school; he learned the game in the US. Their team has discovered the winning formula for the Seirin Basketball game, but a roadblock because the other five wonder members get in their way. They too attend high school and also their respective basketball teams.

Kuroko's Basketball Season 2

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2: release date

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2 will be released on Netflix on March 15, 2021 (Saturday).

Note: Subscription fans can view the same on the coming soon page and set a reminder by pressing the bell icon. Plus, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to watch your favorite show. It will remind you the same day after release.

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Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2: number of episodes

Just like last season, you can also witness 25 episodes for Season 2 of ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’.

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3: Expectations

This could be the icing on the cake as Season 3 may also be released very soon. Looking at the previous pattern, the gap was just a few months between their releases.

So if the pattern continues, fans will be able to see more of their favorite anime show for themselves in September 2021. These are just speculations; there is no official news of the season 3 release as of now. Until then, watch upcoming season 2 on Netflix.

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