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Scripting Your Destiny Season 2: release date, plot, cast and more

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What if I ask you to describe your ideal partner? You could list traits like she should have fair skin or dark, tall, healthy, and most importantly, the one that can change my destiny. What if you get a partner who can not only change but also write down your destiny? To bring this fairytale to life, the hit K drama series Scripting Your Destiny is back with its second season, consisting of 10 episodes.

Scripting Your Destiny Season 2 Plot

Scripting Your Destiny’s story revolves around two leads, followed by some side characters who have equally important roles to play.

Shein Ho Yoo is a powerful god responsible for determining and designing human destiny. He’s been doing this job for a long time, and now he’s writing a love story, but finds it very difficult. So he later tries to plagiarize Go Chae Kyung’s screenplay. Chae is one such writer who loves to fantasize and exaggerate the story.

Now is the time to bring the scenario into reality, and this is when Jung Ba Reum enters the plot, who is a successful producer and has all the necessary criteria to be the ideal match.

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It may seem cute and disentangled so far, but the tragedy begins when Shein Ho Yoo falls for Chae Kyung. To find out what is happening now, you need to tune in to the series.

Scripting Your Destiny Season 2 Cast

The popular K drama is directed by Kim Byung Soo and written by Eun Sun Woo. Speaking of the acting part, the series stars Ki Do Hoon as Shein Ho Yoo, Jeon So Nee as Go Chae Kyung and Kim Woo-Suk is directed by Jung Ba Reum.

Scripting your Destiny release date

The series has been on the air since March 26, 2021. Although the series will air on TVING Network, you can binge it on the official app – Viki. However, it is only available in one language, which is Korean, but has subtitles in 13 different languages, which might make it worth checking out.

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