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Neena Gupta is happy that a director has finally made a film with her in the title role. The number of elderly people in India, a country full of young people, is increasing rapidly. At the last census itself, their number was more than 10 crores. If the new censuses are to come, there will be a significant and pleasant increase. Never before have there been so many elders in the land to bless us. Kashvi also got the idea for her film from a documentary in which a man wants to cross the border on the 70th anniversary of independence and explore a bundle left on his old memories. When she herself went from Mumbai to her village in Jamnagar with her grandfather, she realized that the film was the basis. Nowadays the leaders of the Mumbai film industry are leaving the door of indigenous relations and knowing what stories are being made, in such a situation a girl educated abroad makes ‘Sardar ka Grandson’, this is the new India.

When the first reports of the movie ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ came out, no one had even thought of spreading the corona outbreak like an epidemic. For a year and a half the world has understood the meaning of family. It is clear that coming home from the office, watching for half an hour and watching TV with the family, eating together or watching a picture with a Sunday is not a family feeling. The pinnacle of people’s thinking about family has changed in recent months, the movie ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’. It is true that this film could have become an all-time classic by passing into the hands of an accomplished director, but Kashvi should praise it for delivering a complex subject matter to audiences with great ease. His inexperience is what keeps this movie real, there is no ambiguity of feelings here nor is the engulfment of emotions here. Kashvi passed her litmus test as a director. Furthermore, as she spends more time between her dialects, stories, stories, she will speak better Hindi and make better films as well.

As I wrote in the beginning, the heroine of the movie ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ is Nina Gupta. 62-year-old Neena Gupta has portrayed a 90-year-old veteran in the movie called Sardar Kaur. She wove many dreams in Lahore with her husband. However, the riot turned out to be a killer for his wishes. She runs away from Lahore with her little boy tied to her chest and a bicycle in hand. Across the border, she makes Amritsar her destination and starts a bicycle business. Such a big company that even a small part of it can now be owned by someone in the will of the Sardar. Sardar has only one wish that he should see his home in Lahore before dying. When the grandson breaks heart in America, he returns to India to fulfill his grandmother’s heart and then begins the India-Pakistan story, in which some people are bad, but most people still have the poor to have a To get a hug.

Neena Gupta has done a great job in the movie ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’. Nina Gupta, who returned to Hindi cinema with the film Badhaai Ho, regretted that the directors of her time did not make her a heroine in any film. Here, a new director standing on the split of two generations has given him the title role of the film. Neena Gupta has to undergo prosthetic make-up to look 90 years old, but she also looks beautiful. His relationship with the whole family is the real link in the story. Sardar Kaur has a bit of a bond with the next generations of real sons and stepsons. The grandmother who pokes the sleeping grandson’s nose is also a generous grandmother who discovers 74 years later that what she considered to be Pakistan’s best whiskey is actually a native of Pakistan.

After him, if anyone’s work in the movie is strong, it’s Aditi Rao Hydari. Sardar Kaur was 74 years ago. Aditi has performed brilliantly in the role of the young Sardar Kaur. It seems that a typical Punjaban girl played this character. The most hit song of the movie ‘Main Teri Ho Gayiyan, Mainun Door Na Karien’ was filmed on both him and John. Milind Gaba’s four-year-old song has been done well by the T-series by including it in the movie. Independent lyricists and singers who have already been hit should be given more such opportunities. Those who write songs with fake Hindi lyrics on Pakistani songs will not be in this business. There have been some personal issues in the Hindi film industry for Aditi, but the directors who love the look of these big stars have to make some ready-made leaks about Aditi.

The whole background of the movie is Punjabi. Both Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet also receive a lot of help from their family background. How important dialects and local accents play in the dialogues of the film is shown in this film. It’s true that Kashvi had a separate team to keep an eye on the actors’ accent and educate them where necessary, but the film’s overall impact is effective. Kanwaljit Singh is seen throughout the film only as an advertisement for Kayam Churna, he is also an outsider in the cast of the film. Kumud Mishra has completed his efforts to become a Pakistani police officer, but he has received so much love from the people that it will be some time before he develops hatred for such characters. Masood Akhtar, Ravjit Singh and Akashdeep Sabir have played good supporting roles. The artist playing the chaiwala chakra leaves an impact. Especially his dialogue: “People in your country underestimate chaiwas a lot.”

Technically, the film has turned out to be good. If the expert Jhaveri had made fewer concessions to the editing, then this film could be a bit more agile, according to OTT. For movie theaters, the length might be okay, but on OTT, if the movie doesn’t have any interrupted stories, it should be close to two hours. In that sense, the movie can be reduced by about 20 minutes. Mahendra Shetty’s camera also brought the locations to life. At outdoor locations, his team helped to properly illuminate. Vijay Ghodke has done commendable work here in the art direction and Sheetal Sharma in choosing costumes. The casting of Kavish Sinha looked good, according to the story. After a long time there is a movie on Netflix that you can watch with the whole family on a large smart TV with lounge.

Movie review: Sardar’s grandson
Authors: Anuja Chauhan, Amitosh Nagpal, Kashvi Nair
Artists: Neena Gupta, Arjun Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, Kanwaljeet Singh, Kumud Mishra and John Abraham and Aditi Rao Hydari (in special roles)
Director: Kashvi Nair
OTT: Netflix

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