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Sara’s Movie Review: Anna Ben Starrer Is A Conversation Starter, But Not Enough To Keep It Going

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Sara’s Movie Review: Anna Ben Starrer Is A Conversation Starter, But Not Enough To Keep It Going |  Filmywap – Filmywap 2021 : Filmywap Bollywood Movies, Filmywap Latest News
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Rating of Sara’s movie review: 2.5/5 stars (two and a half stars)

Star cast: Anna Ben, Sunny Wayne, Benny P Nayarambalam and Ensemble.

Director: Judas Anthony Joseph.

Sara’s Movie Review: Anna Ben Starrer Is A Conversation Starter, But Not Enough To Keep It Going |  Filmywap – Filmywap 2021 : Filmywap Bollywood Movies, Filmywap Latest News
Sara’s movie review starring Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne (Pic Credit: IMDb)

What is good: of course Anna Ben who becomes the torch of a conversation that needs our attention.

What’s bad: The inadequacy in many places including some crucial points.

loo break: If you can take your eyes off Anna, go ahead. But she’s in every frame of the film.

To watch or not?: You should. The flaws are not criminal that you don’t even give it a chance. If it’s not very entertaining, it’s educational and a conversation starter that we definitely need right now.

Language: Malayalam (with English subtitles)

Available on: Amazon Prime video

User Rating:

Sara’s tells the story of Sara Vincent (Anna Ben), a girl who wants to be a filmmaker with a story in her hands. But there’s a catch, she’s 25 and her parents want to get her married soon. And besides, Sara never wants to be a mother. In this mix, she finds a boy Jeevan (Jeevan), who follows the same thought process, and they fall for each other and get married. But what happens when Sara “accidentally” gets pregnant is the story.

(Photo credit: IMDb)

Sara’s Movie Review: Script Analysis

The desk and who it belongs to has been a conversation par excellence for centuries. Not to mention, the patriarchy ingrained in our DNA has always made us feel that the male gender is superior to the female, and that the former can make the right decision for the latter. Sara’s, written by Akshay Hareesh, is about this one conflict that talks about a woman’s freedom of choice over her body.

Here’s a girl who doesn’t want kids. Technically, it is her choice and must be respected. But families don’t give you that much privacy and choice, do they? A storm is set when she announces that and Hareesh quickly shows you how the desk on her body is not only hers, but about 10 other people.

Speaking of those 10 other people, there are also men among them. Sara’s is full of men who appear to be feminists on the outside who support every step women take in their lives. But Akshay and director Jude are smart enough to show you their savior complex underneath. Take her father for example; while he’s all supportive and cute when he tells her daughter that the decision is ultimately hers, there’s also a sense of pride that he gave her the freedom to make that choice, recognizably! Or Anjali from Meera Nair who is a big star and her husband says he controls her as if a robot shows the extent of the patriarchy we are marinated in.

Writing in Sara’s never gets too hard to digest. It is, after all, a film from life that deals with a subject that is taboo. There are many questions why should a woman justify her decisions? Why can’t society just take it easy and mind its own business? Why is abortion such a moral crime in India? But are they all answered? Well, 50 percent. The rest is preoccupied with repetition and inadequacy.

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I call it inadequate because not just 1 but many plot points are initiated but never discussed enough to come to a conclusion. Take Sunny Wayne’s Jeevan. He is a man who, like his wife Sara, does not and does not want children. But when she accidentally becomes pregnant, a change in his heart leads him to want the child. While it’s a legitimate thought and dynamic, we are never taken into his mind, his cathartic about what he’s been through to now have a completely different opinion.

Similarly, behind the scenes, Malayalam’s film culture is watched, but never talked about enough to make it into a strong debate.

(Photo credit: IMDb)

Sara’s Movie Review: Star Performance

Anna Ben is Anna Ben, and how can you expect her not to give the best of her right now. She again camouflages into the environment and becomes part of the world into which she is thrown. She’s not “a screaming girl” about the decision she’s made. Her rebellion is rather personal and only erupts under pressure.

Sunny Wayne adds the necessary charm to Sara’s and becomes Jeevan who sees a transformation. Although the script does not give him a detailed arc, the actor manages to attract attention. Screenwriter Benny P Nayarambalam who plays Sara’s father is the real father of Anna Ben. He does the job just right.

Sara’s Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Jude Anthany Joseph knows he’s making a film that should teach and entertain in a subtle way, while leaving a smile on the viewer’s face. He treats Sara’s the same way. He never touches the darkness in a way that reflects it in the images. Even when producers try to do something with Sara, his vision remains simple and not over the top.

But the same also turns out to be a scam if the repetition takes over. While the journey to the conflict takes up most of the time, once entered the conflict begins to run at full throttle. More emphasis on the last part would have done wonders for the script. Music supports the movie nicely and is a soothing album to tune into.

Sara’s movie review: the last word

You can’t ignore Sara’s at all. It has Anna Ben, a lot of things have to be right for her to say yes to a movie, and there are. Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video and tell me what you think.

Two and a half stars!

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Sara’s will be published on 06 July 2021.

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