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Samantha Tan’s short film Ally Chia shows the Malaysian actor and director is one to watch

Shruti Verma



Samantha Tan’s short film Ally Chia

Recently, Samantha Tan’s short film Ally Chia was launched on Amazon Prime Video, and we cannot find enough words to appreciate it. The young Malaysian chef not only cooked but wrote a script, produced the short film, gave directions herself and lastly, acted.

The short film features young businesswoman who happens to be a Malaysian chef named Ally. It narrates her first huge business order, where she fed the late-night location crew of Los Angeles.

However, her business venture seems to be intervened by her black boyfriend who gives her the ultimatum to choose between their future and her business venture.

To make the crisis worse, Ally’s hectoring mother nagging over Skype is also added to the scene. It is a real treat to watch, how the young woman fought against all the threats to make her business venture successful.

The story of the short film seems like one of our girls next door, who is trying hard to keep a balance between the threats of her personal life and her upcoming business ventures.

Apart from the well-connected plot, the single-day shooting success by the whole female crew is the most inspiring yet fascinating fact for the audience.

Shruti loves watch TV serials and Short films since her college days. As a house wive she takes  takes most of her time in updating herself on the lates Entertainment news. Her passion towards TV serials and Entertainment encouraged her to write articles on TV and Films. Shruti joined the FilmyOne team after searching many online journalism oppurtunites and found this is her best place to work. Her experience, Passion and creative talent proving to be an asset for the FilmyOne team.

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Short Film News

Fans are in awe after seeing Suhana Khan’s short film teaser

Shruti Verma



Suhana Khan short film
Image Credit: Instagram

Suhana Khan recently appeared in a short film, The Grey Part of Blue, and the fans cannot stop talking about it. Suhana Khan, being the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan, has always been in the news.

Though she is not much seen on social media and maintains a private Instagram profile, she enjoys a huge fan base. There are also a number of fan pages of her name.

Recently, the star kid was seen in a short film, directed by one of her school friends in England. The teaser of the short film was recently released on Instagram by her friend Theodore Gimeno, and it went viral in no time.

The teaser also had a caption that read that the release date of the film has not yet been decided and asked the viewers to stay tuned, to know the date of release.

Soon after the video was uploaded, the fans could not stop praising Suhana for her acting and expressions. Not only that but the fans even compared her acting skills to her father, Shah Rukh Khan.

Before the teaser, the poster of the film also created hype on social media. Though the film poster showcases the star kid Suhaha only, the actor, Robin Gonnella has been also starred along.

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Short Film News

Paarivala: A film which talks about Sex Taboos

Shruti Verma



Paarivala - A film which talks about Sex Taboos

Jerrin Chandan, an MA Literature teacher in St Joseph’s Evening College, Bengaluru has shot a short film ‘Paarivala’. The short film has been seen screening at multiple places and has received positive feedback from the audience.

In a recent interview, he told the audience about what was the idea generation behind ‘Paarivala’. He spoke about how one day in his lecture he was speaking about sexuality and observed the reaction of female students. The females were seen as very uncomfortable discussing ‘Sex’.

Just this little observation led him to write down a script of the film. There are various social taboos we face in our society. One of them being that woman should restrict what they speak, whereas men have all the freedom to speak about anything.

The film highlights the reactions of society when the female law students condemn the way females are looked in society. Media gets on to these students and forces them to apologize for what they say. However, female law students are shown to be headstrong and refuse to apologize for something they haven’t done wrong.

Paarivala gave out a very strong message not just to the Indian society, but across the globe. The short film was screened internationally in about 10 universities.

A Harvard professor had written a mail to Jerrin Chandan expressing how happy he was after watching the film. The professor wrote that the movie actually highlighted how a teaching faculty should behave. The professor also mentioned that after watching the film, there was a long discussion amongst the students and teachers.

Overall, the film is really liked by everyone nationally and internationally.

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Short Film News

‘Pagal Bhaiya’ an inspirational Hindi short film on Menstruation to be released

Shruti Verma



'Pagal Bhaiya' an inspirational Hindi short film on Menstruation
Image: YouTube/Prakash Recreation

Menstruation has always been a secret topic. All of us have always been uncomfortable while discussing this topic. However, Menstruation is a very natural phenomenon. Women have to go through this every month. But whenever this topic is initiated in public, people get embarrassed and shy away from it.

When a teenager goes through this process, all she needs is support and guidance. This time for her support a Hindi short film ‘Pagal Bhaiya’ came to her rescue. The film is directed by Prashant Padhi, an Odia film director. It is his maiden attempt to try his hands on a Hindi film.

The plot of the film ‘Pagal Bhaiya’ goes in very interesting. There are two girls who are seen learning themselves to the bonnet of the car. The furious owner of the car comes to the girls. He notices that one of the girls has a bloodstain on her skirt.

'Pagal Bhaiya' an inspirational Hindi short film on Menstruation to be released

A Scene from the Short Film ‘Pagal Bhaiya’. Image: YouTube/Prakash Recreation

Instead of being angry now, he changes his mind. He thinks of helping the young girl. He understood that if he does not help the girl, others will mock the girl which will make her feel uncomfortable.

He finally goes and talks to the girls and tries to console her. He snatched the Scooty keys from a lady and takes the girl to a public toilet. The lady, the owner of the car and the girl proceed to the toilet. They come outside all smiling and thanking each other.

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The movie sends out a very strong message of being extremely empathic to others situation. It shows us how Menstruation is a very natural process. Be it a male or a female, everyone should take this term very positively and help each other whenever required.

Check out this thread for more such interesting stories and news.

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