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Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries 9 – Why did Sam Faiers quit the show?

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Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries 9 – Why did Sam Faiers quit the show?
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The global pandemic has halted production on many of our favorite shows and we can’t complain about it. Shows like Lucifer, Pennyworth, Wandavision are one of the most expected series for the past year but vivid have ceased production and postponed their release date. One of the same series is The Mummy Diaries.

One of the old tv shows which revolve around the lives of two sisters and their ups and downs. The show beautifully takes viewers into the world of two sisters, Sam and Billie. Recently the show has been completed 8 seasons of their shows and with the end of the season, fans were desperately waiting for season 9.

In this article I share all the news and information about the article and what is happening with this show. I know you’re here because of the rumors that Sam is going to leave the show, don’t worry, we’ll look into that matter as well. Keep reading this article to know all about the show.

The Mummy Diaries Story Explanation

A American television series that cast Sam Faiers and Billie Shepherd in the show. The show revolves around these two sisters and their lives with the medium of the show. So far the series has been released 8 seasons now and the audience was happy to see the two sisters on television again.

Both sam and Billie have been doing the TV shows since the very beginning of their age and are dedicated to this show. The show’s admirers loved how these two sisters had grown and evolved over the years.

The Mummy Diaries

Since these two women are now adults and have actively allowed the camera into their lives, this seems more than enough for viewers. Now these two have their own families and children and the show revolves around their everyday lives.

You can also understand The Mummy Diaries like Keeping Up with the Kardashian. And just like the KUWTK is just deciding on the final season, as is the schedule for this series.

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The Mummy Diaries Season 9 – Is It Coming?

The Mummy Diaries Season 9

The Mummy Diaries is planning another season with the two sisters, but it didn’t work out at all. Well, recently season 8 of The Mummy Diaries released its season 8 in February 2021 and the showmakers are happy about it.

The show was initially released in 2013 and until then, the series received a lot of appreciation from the public. In the beginning, the eighth season was supposed to come out in 2020 but the pandemic has made this impossible for the show makers.

In addition, there is no confirmation about season 9 of this series as season 8 has just been released. If there are more updates and confirmations about Season 9 I’ll let you know.

Furthermore, there is recent news that made Season 9 difficult to release. Read the next section to find out what it actually is.

Is Sister Sam Faiers Quitting The Mummy Diaries?

The Mummy Diaries

There have been recent rumors that one of the main cast of this show, Sam, is leaving the show after successfully being there for nearly 9 seasons. It was originally reported via insider news, a little later it spread like wildfire and fans of The Mummy diaries started looking into the situation.

The show star was silent about this rumor for a long time, but recently she accepted the news and said it was an incredible journey for her.

Billie wrote in her Instagram post:

“When one journey ends, another begins, and what an incredible journey it has been. filming with my sister and family for the past 7 years has been the most amazing experience and we really made the BEST memories all together.”

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She also thanked the show’s creators for their amazing support throughout the journey, “Filming @mummydiariesofficial I always say it’s the best home movie ever!!! We are forever grateful to all our wonderful people Mummy Diaries fans and followers. Thank you for all your support over the years.”

Fans were super emotional and expressed their thoughts and wished her luck. Many cast members also came forward for the position.

She also added: “HOWEVER… The show must go on for us Sheps. I am VERY excited that we are now filming for Billie and Greg ~ The Family Diaries @gregory_shep the kids and I’m excited to take you on this next exciting chapter of our journey! Wish my sister @samanthafaiers all the love and happiness in the world on your next adventure.”

Why is Sam Faiers quitting the show?

The Mummy Diaries Season 9

When there is a rumor, many get attached to it. It’s like a combination gift. While some rumors may be true and we can believe them, there are many of the numbers that are not believable at all. One of the rumors is about Sam Faiers being kicked out of the show. The people are literally giving such false rumors and misleading the show.

The star herself came forward on all those rumors and capped it off with her true thoughts. In an interview she said:

“For those of you who are wondering why, and this is the honest truth; I always said when the kids go to school, I would reassess the situation and this was not an easy decision to make, but I have decided that I would let my family take a break from everything.”

The actor can be seen on television from a very young age and she wants to live her life more privately and take care of her family.

She said this by adding: “For me personally, TV has been my career for the past 11 years, you’ve watched me grow up since I was 19 and I’m not planning to retire yet.

“I’m working on some exciting projects and I’m really looking forward to this next chapter. I love you all so much, thank you Sam x.”

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Will Season 9 Come After Sam Leaves The Show?

After Sam left the show, doubts began as to whether or not there will be season 9 of The Mummies Diaries. A show that showcases the motherhood of the two sisters is definitely a fan favorite and especially around the moms. Personally, my mom used to watch this show but left it after a while because it got thick and so obvious to her.

But still, there are many fans who want the show to be revamped and are doing their best to find out. Officially, Season 9 Of the Mummy Diaries has not yet been canceled and this has started to raise the question of whether the producers are still planning to do so.

One of the two sisters has already left the show and at that difficult time I didn’t think the series would look exactly like the suit before it.

Other than that, the officials haven’t said anything yet, but looking at Sam’s latest message, I think the show is coming. She shares best wishes for the future of the show, which is why I think there will be season 9 of The Mummies Diaries without Sam.

Last words

Fans are already sad after the show cast decided to leave the show and this is very understandable. The show will never be the same after Sam goes out with the show, but still, there are plenty of characters that will make the show quite interesting to us. The Mummy Diaries is already planning its new season and we need to see what it would look like without the same.

What do you think? Comment below to let me know your thoughts on this news?

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