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Salman Khan’s Radhe Movie Review

Salman Khan’s Radhe Movie Review
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After a long wait of over a year, Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan decided to go ahead and release Radhe on a pay-per-view basis on Zee Plex. On the occasion of Eid, Radhe released today along with a theatrical release in the major international circuits. Prabhudeva directed this action entertainer and Disha Patani is the lead lady. Salman played the role of a ruthless cop who works on a mission to eradicate the drug mafia. Here’s Radhe’s full review:


Salman Khan plays Radhe who wants the city to be drug-free. He learns about Rana (Randeep Hooda), the king of the Mumbai drug mafia, who is involved in several murders and other cases pending against him. Radhe takes it straight on Rana, and the rest of Radhe is all about how the honest cop takes on the deadliest drug supplier. Radhe is the remake of the Korean crime drama ‘The Outlaws’.

Radhe is a disappointment from the first frame. The whole movie is predictable and the romantic drama is forced. Besides the stylish action stunts, Radhe is a huge disappointment. Even Salman Khan and his grace cannot save this pathetic effort. The narration is flat with action episodes that come and go in lieu of necessary twists and turns. The best songs are kept for the second half and the first half does not have any great suspenseful moments for the audience.

Salman Khan nails it in style, but the pale script and poor execution make his efforts wasted. Disha Patani is limited to glamorous presence and songs. Randeep Hooda stars in his role and his performance will be remembered. Jackie Shroff is drunk and all other actors have no impact. The action episodes are well presented on screen and the cinematic work is good. Two songs ‘Seetimaar’ and the title track from Radhe are neatly on the screen.

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Radhe is supported by strong production values. Prabhudeva’s work and writing are Radhe’s biggest disappointments. A bunch of Salman Khan fans might love this seasoned product.


Radhe is one of the biggest disappointments among Salman Khan’s films in recent years. Can be skipped strictly.

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