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River Where the Moon Rises Episode 15: release date and watch online

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River Where the Moon Rises episode 15 will be released soon. So far, the ongoing South Korean drama has aired 14 episodes. The drama has a total of 20 episodes and on the original network KBS2. In the earlier episodes, actor Kim Ji Soo was part of the show as the lead actor. But certain allegations about the actor of high school bullying came to light. And in between, he abruptly left the show. The actor’s sudden departure from the show is estimated to have suffered a huge loss. Since Ji Soo left the show, nearly more than half of the filming had been completed by then. After he left, almost every episode was rerecorded.

The production is now considering filing a lawsuit against the actor for such a massive loss. The show not only suffered economically but also had a negative impact as the lead actor became involved in the bullying cases. After Kim Ji Soo left, show actor Na In Woo came as his replacement. So he now plays the role of On Dal quite well. Kim So Hyung is the lead actress on the show. To date, the show has been the subject of debate for some reason.

River Where the Moon Rises Episode 15 Release date

As the drama draws to a close, the 15th episode is about to be released next. The episode will be released on April 5 on the original network KBS2. The duration of each episode is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes. It is a historical drama starring Kim So Hyun, Na In Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yoo Hwa.

A still from the K drama River Where the Moon Rises

The overall plot of the story revolves around four main characters, Princess Pyeong Gang, On Dal, Go Geon and Hae Mo Yong. Pyeong Gang is a princess who was raised as a soldier. He has high goals and ambitions in life. Her stern determination is her strength. She is smart, intelligent, strong and has all the qualities to become a ruler. She also aspires to become the Empress of Goguryeo. One day she meets On Dal and falls for him. He is the exact opposite of Pyeong Gang and does not have the skills to win a war.

Pyeong Gang decides to train him, and they both fall in love. In fact, On Dal is willing to sacrifice everything for Pyeong Gang. But in a war, things take the expected turns. Will the two succeed in their mission, or will Pyeong Gang lose everything she has to gain her power? How’s it going for the princess? Will she be able to get what she wants to reveal in the drama?

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