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Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 9: release date, watch online and preview

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Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 9: release date, watch online and preview

The drama Revolutionary Sisters is an ongoing Korean drama. It is one of the most loved series of the year. The drama is directed by Lee Jin Seo. The screenplay of the drama is provided by Moon Young Nam. The drama revolves around a murder plot. The mother mysteriously dies and everyone is on the verge of suspicion. The drama revolves around the genre of thriller, comedy, romance, drama and family. The drama is also known as Pleasant Others, Pleasant People’s House, Someone Else’s Happy House, A Happy Other’s House, Ok Gwang Sisters, Okay Light Sisters, Ok Kwang Sisters, Jeulgeoun Naui Jib, Jeulgeoyoon Nameui Jib, 오케이, 광 자매 and 즐거운 남의 집.

The ongoing drama has released about 17 episodes, according to which we’ll rate the drama a 7.5 out of 10. The drama is full of thrillers and romance. There are 50 episodes of the drama. This is a somewhat lengthy drama, with each episode running for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The running time and the episodes are quite a drawback as viewers tend to get bored once they hit 20+. The show went on air on March 13, 2021 and will go out on August 29, 2021.

This is a long drama. You have to be patient with it as the episodes of the drama are released every Saturday and Sunday. The drama’s original network partner is KBS2. It is available for viewing Kocowa and Viki. You can also watch the drama online. Overall, it’s a great drama, but the only drawback is the length of the drama, which will leave the audience bored of the content.

Star Cast of Revolutionary Sisters

The drama Revolutionary Sisters is an ongoing Korean drama that revolves around a murder mystery. The dram’s protagonists are Yoon Joo Sang as Lee Cheol Soo, Hong Eun Hee as Lee Kwang Nam, Jeon Hye Bin as Lee Kwang Shik, Go Won Hee as Lee Kwang Tae, Kim Kyung Nam as Han Ye Seul, Lee Bo Hee as Oh Bong Ja, Lee Byung Joon as Han Dol Se. They all played a huge part in setting up the drama plot. In addition, the plot also grew better with the help of a supporting cast.

The other main roles are that of the supporting cast, who plays Choi Dae Chul as Bae Byun Ho [Kwang Nam’s husband / Lawyer], Ha Jae Sook as Shin Maria [The restaurant owner], Seol Jung Hwan as Heo Ki Jin [Kwang Tae’s boyfriend / Poong Jin’s brother], Kim Hye Sun as Oh Taeng Ja [Aunt], Hong Je Yi as Oh Too Gi [Taeng Ja’s daughter], Son Woo Hyun as Na Pyun Seung [Kwang Shik’s husband], Joo Seok Tae as Heo Poong Jin [Ki Jin’s older brother / Loan shark], Lee Sang Sook as Ji Pung Nyeon [Byun Ho’s mother]Go Geon Han as Byun Sa Chae [Ki Jin’s best friend], Kim Min Ho as Byun Gong Chae [Sa Chae’s younger brother], Lee Myung Ho as Seo Sung Dae [Detective], Song Young Jae as [Pyun Seung’s father / Taxi driver], Kim Na Yoon as [Pyun Seung’s mother / Restaurant employee], Seo Yoon Ah as Na Pyun Hae [Pyun Seung’s older sister], Cheon Yi Seul as Lee Tae Ri [Ye Seul’s friend]

They all played major roles as supporting roles. There are also other guest and unknown roles in the drama. The drama is also a murder mystery that makes it interesting and something viewers will eagerly await. All in all, it is a great murder mystery and a romantic drama.

Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 9: release date, watch online and preview

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