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Renew your YouTube subscriptions with these must-see creators:

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YouTube is a huge platform. Hours and hours of content are at your fingertips, from Let’s plays to DIYs, makeup tutorials and funny cat videos.

But somehow you always end up in the same dilemmas: your favorite YouTuber hasn’t been uploaded for a while or you can’t find anything interesting to watch when you’re bored after a long day at work.

Luckily, we have a solution for you in the form of these must-have subscriptions to YouTubers whose content will keep you entertained for hours, so get ready to hit that bell as we check out these great channels to help you get your YouTube subscriptions new to breathe life into it.


You’ve probably seen all the major gamer YouTubers already: JackSepticEye, Markiplier, PewdiePie, etc. If you’re into gaming, 8-BitRyan is a great choice to shake up your subscriptions.

The gaming YouTuber currently has 2.81 million subscribers for good reason: he’s both hilariously funny and friendly, with his style of gameplay including his strict policy of always playing for the good guys. That tendency is most evident in his playthrough of the now-famous game Detroit: Become Human, making his playthrough a must see for fans.

His other series, including his playthroughs from both recent horror games such as the Little nightmares franchise as well as the classic horror franchise Five nights at Freddy’s will abandon you instead of fearing the grotesque images.

If you don’t like horror games, don’t worry! He has other playthroughs from non-horror games, as well as his side-splitting “Try Not To Laugh challenge” series that brings you great HD content.

Overly sarcastic productions

Need help summarizing Shakespeare or understanding an important historical figure? This is the channel for you!

Overly sarcastic productions is run by two friends, Red and Blue, who show their love for English and history as well as sarcasm to an audience of 1.56 million subscribers.

Red is the go-to if you need some background on certain mythologies through her “Various Myths” series, featuring stories from around the world. She also helps break down common writing styles in her entertaining “Trope Talks” series.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Meanwhile, Blue will help you understand the intricate web of history through his many videos about historical events and popular figures in his “History Summarized” series and “History Makers” series. He also drifts into funny meme territory with his “History Hijinks” series, proving that history can be fun when done right.

The two also often collaborate with live streams to create the “di-Vine Deities” series, a Vine-style series of videos that use common, modern memes in historical and mythological contexts. In short, this channel will not only make you laugh, but at the same time let you learn something new. That seems like a win-win situation to us.

Dead noise

If you like animation this is the channel for you.

David Armsby runs this channel, posting his animated shorts and his creative process for making them to an audience of 731,000 subscribers.

His best-known series is titled Autodale, tell the story of a post-apocalyptic world full of deception, monsters and the terrifying technology behind it. The series is beautifully drawn and provides incredibly clever commentary on power, environmentalism, individuality and more.

He also produces other unconnected shorts that are equally beautiful (and chill) as Autodale, like “Mother of Nature” and its trial for every movie. He shows his sketchbooks and discusses how he animates each scene, adds to the canon of each series and briefly explains his insights.

If you’re passionate about animation and filmmaking or just want to watch some good short films, this channel has a lot going for it, so get started and make sure the handymen don’t see you

Are there any other great channels people should visit to renew their YouTube subscriptions? Drop them in the comments below so we can get binging!

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