Rana Daggubati revealed the story of his Miheeka Bajaj love proposal

A few days ago, fans were surprised when Rana Daggubati made his relationship official with Miheeka Bajaj. The actor has always kept his private life private. And when he talked about the woman he was already in love with, everyone wanted to know how the love story blossomed between the two.

Rana Daggubati shared some adorable photos with Miheeka Bajaj from last week’s Roka ceremony. The photos went viral over the internet in no time. Friends and fans of the Baahubali actor couldn’t stop gushing about how perfect the duo looked together. Now, finally, Rana has shared with the world how he presented his wife-to-be.

In a recent interview, the 35-year-old actor threw the beans about his love story with Miheeka Bajaj. He said, ‘She knew where I was getting when I called her. I remember saying a lot of things together. For me it was serious. It was dedication. When I met her I felt I was ready to do this. It was really that simple. ”

Rana Daggubati also said that he never consciously thought of getting married. But the moment he met Miheeka, he realized it was her. The Kaadan actor said, ‘I’ve never thought about it. I met her, I liked her, and that’s it. I have found love. ”

When asked if he had plans for a grand wedding, Rana said, “Depends on the situation in the world. I thought it was the strangest time to get married. ”

Well, we hope the COVID-19 pandemic abates soon so we can see our favorite couple tie the knot soon.

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