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Qismat 2 release date and everything we know about the sequel

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Qismat 2 release date and everything we know about the sequel

What do we know about Qismat 2’s release date? Romantic drama Qismat debuted in 2018 and won hearts. The story of star-crossed lovers got huge applause from movie birds, and now the sequel is coming soon enough too! Given the huge success of the first film, the popular couple Ammy and Sargun are back with their story that is perhaps a little too gripping than before. Since the movie’s official trailer starts on a sad note, was this what fate had in store, or is there more to it without also having a happy ending this time around? We’ve already revealed the trailer and release date by the creators!

The highly anticipated sequel Qismat 2 will be released this fall, starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta. Not only is the cast ensemble returning, but writer and director Jagdeeb Singh Sidhu, along with music composer B Praak and lyricist Jaani, have also returned for the sequel. With great filming locations and soulful music tracks, the film is already generating quite the buzz. Now that the beloved couple is back, Qismat 2 is a must-see for movie buffs! Let’s take a look at all the details regarding the release date of Qismat 2.

Release date Qismat 2: when will the sequel come out?

Main stars are already getting ready for the movie and promoting it all on social media. In addition, Sargun Mehta has shared the much anticipated poster of the sequel on Instagram. She further expressed her excitement and said she had been waiting a long time for this.

Qismat 2 release date and everything we know about the sequel

Lead actor Ammy Virk has had a busy year as he recently revealed that the highly anticipated teaser of his movie Qismat 2 would be in theaters exclusively with Puaada. Looks like fans are getting a double treat! Ammy Virk will be featured in multiple movies in the coming months and fans can’t wait any longer! In addition to the leading pair, Satwant Kaur, Hardip Gill, Amrit Abby will also star alongside them.

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