Private islands and celebrities – an ideal spot for hiding from the pandemic

To relax after a difficult shooting period to the sound of the surf – our stars can afford it, but to spend relaxation on your island – this is a completely different level. Many celebrities earn so well that they can buy their private islands, which, incidentally, can be safely hidden from a pandemic.

Eddie Murphy’s private island

In the mid-2000s, star of American comedies and stand-up artist Eddie Murphy was able to calmly take care of floating acres – 13 years ago, the actor acquired an islet of Rooster Cay in the Bahamas. By the way, this is not the first paradise of Eddie. Before that, he already bought a private piece of sushi, but then resold it.

Mel Gibson’s island

Gibson acquired the volcanic Mago Island in the Fiji archipelago in 2005. This piece of land is one of the largest in the South Pacific, its area is more than 2000 hectares! The island is bordered by protective reefs, powdery white beaches, and turquoise lagoons.

Buying this island from the Japanese hotel chain Tokyu Corporation, the actor promised that he would keep it in its original form for a modest exclusive vacation. And so it happened – Mango retained its pristine purity, there are several houses for servants and guests, a stone pier for ships, and about fifty Aborigines, whom Gibson took to work, still live.

Mago Island is also famous for its incredible scenery, beauty, and amazing sights. Although the infrastructure of the island is extremely modest at the moment, Mel Gibson has quite a lot of plans for this small volcanic fissure in the Pacific. The most common structures we see on celebrity islands are usually hotels, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and sometimes even casinos.

Even considering Fiji law (which is the nearest government), it’s likely that casinos will start appearing on Mango island soon. This is nothing to be surprised about as a huge list of casino games online have already reported demand from the region, as well as being very well aware of celebrities’ nack for gambling for entertainment.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Island

Photo paparazzi from the personal island of Leo became a familiar element of Western magazines. Surrounded by beauties, the star frolics on the luxurious Blackadore Caye island in the Caribbean, which he acquired in 2005 for mere pennies. “It looks like paradise,” says the actor about his property. An ardent environmentalist and lover of animals, he, like Pamela Anderson, wants to build a luxury eco-hotel that does not destroy nature.

Brad Pitt’s island

Seven years ago, the foreign press sounded: “Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt an island for $ 20 million.” A piece of land 50 miles from New York is shaped like a heart. The gift area was 11 acres.

By the way, this is not the first piece of land in the assets of now ex-spouses. Prior to this, they acquired the island of Gaia In the Ionian Sea. The land was formalized by the same London real estate agency as Jack Sparrow Island. How much the site cost is not reported.

Price: $ 20 million (1.3 billion rubles).

Johnny Depp’s Island

Well, what kind of captain without his ship and island? The creator of the image of Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp acquired the island of Little Halls Pond Cay, which is located two hours from Nassau – the capital of the Bahamas. It was here that he rested in between filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it was here in 2015 that his wedding with Amber Heard took place, after a scandalous divorce from which the actor was expelled from the franchise.

By the way, five years ago, Johnny Depp bought the second piece of land – the Greek island of Stroggilo in the Aegean Sea.

Pamela Anderson’s Island

What did the gentlemen give you, girls? Flowers, perfumes, iPhones? But drummer of the group Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee acted like a real rocker. He took and bought his beloved Pamela Anderson the island of Greece in the artificial island complex “Mir” (there are 300 islands) in Dubai. Indeed, is it possible to come up with a more suitable present for the rescuer of Malibu? Despite the fact that the marriage with Tommy lasted only three years (1995 – 1998), the musician in 2008 wanted to please the former – apparently, in gratitude for the sons of Dylan and Brandon. Anderson, who was obsessed with protecting nature and health, planned to equip the island with a giant eco-farm, but the idea has not yet been implemented.


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