Playtamil Website – Download Tamil Movies Online (Tamil Play) – Is It Legal?

Among the various sites available online, Playtamil is much more convenient and beneficial than any other website. But using such a website can sometimes get tricky. So here’s our article that will help you better understand the site.

Details about Playtamil

It is one of the most popular Tamil movie download websites. There are also Telugu and Malayalam movies on the website. The site has a different section for the latest movies. This is how the users don’t have to go through all the hustle and bustle when looking for a new movie. And all these reasons increase the traffic on the website.

History of Playtamil

Playtamil initially started as a website for downloading Tamil movies online. Later, as it started to continuously upload the recent hit movies, the site started to attract more and more viewers. And as the site became more popular, he started uploading the Telugu and Malayalam movies. And its popularity began to increase.

How Playtamil works

The website works in the same way as the other free movie download sites. The site will upload the movies within a few days of the movie’s release. The site also uploads a variety of movies from other domain and downloads the dubbed movies on the website. And with that, the site makes more money through the movies.

Is it safe to download a movie from Playtamil?

The website promotes piracy that is illegal under government law. So when you download a movie from the site, you are breaking an act that can put you in an unfavorable situation. That’s why we prefer that you use the paid legal websites and stay safe.

Is it legal to use Playtamil?

Play Tamil is one of the most popular movie download websites but it is essential to know that the site is not legal. It promotes piracy of content that is illegal under the rule of directed by the GOI. And if you use such a website, you could be punished for doing illegal business on the Internet.

Alternative websites of Playtamil

Playtamil is not the only website that a person is allowed to use to download movies for free. Several other websites are ready to assist you in downloading your free movie. So here’s the list of some of the sites below.

Features that make Playtamil unique

Playtamil is not a small website to talk about. But it has not reached its place through luck alone. There are some reasons and characteristics that led the way to the place it is today. Let’s see what made the site so famous among the free movie downloaders of the time.

  • The site has movies from different domains. Although it mainly started as a site for Tamil movies, later it continued to upload new movies in Telugu and Malayalam. And with such increasing variety, the site’s popularity increased.
  • Online dubbed movies are available on the site. As if you know the language, you can choose and download a dubbed version of that movie and enjoy the screenplay. This is the reason that the site has become the most popular as the users can view the other domains.
  • As the site continues to promote piracy in its content, the government blocks it as soon as they catch a glimpse of the website. But the owners also keep changing the URL and keep transferring the data to that new link.
  • There are several qualities of movies available online of the movie. You have the options for HD in both cases, both downloading and streaming online. Qualities such as 360p, 720p and 1080p are available. You can choose one of them.


It is important to note that our article does not promote piracy. Piracy is a criminal offense under Indian Government law, and since these websites promote piracy by using it, it could put you in an unfavorable situation. Therefore, we strongly ask you not to use such sites and to remain safe.

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