Playtamil 2020 Website – How to Watch Tamil Movies Online on TamilPlay – Is It Legal?

Play Tamil is one of the popular Tamil movie download websites and it is a good site for Tamil speaking people to download their favorite movies and TV shows. Play Tamil is also known by the other name Isaimini. This website used to be known mainly for its designation as Play Tamil.

While it is the best website to download movies, it is not that easy to find the domain of the website. As the Indian government blocks the site, they often tend to change their domain name.

When their website URL is blocked, they will be changed to a new one called playtamil. The main way this website can earn an income is through advertising.

Name of the website Playtamil in
The old domain of the website
A new domain of the website
Language Tamil
Current status Unblocked
Present options Tamil movie, Tamil Mp3 songs, Tamil TV programs.

The website would have various options to download Tamil movies, video status, TV series or TV shows, and it can be done in a safe way.

No, it is not safe to use this website. Many popups open automatically and immediately once you download a movie from this popular website. Wrong scripts are used by these websites, which inadvertently consider access to Play Tamil site as well as opening the official link of the website on your computer or PC or mobile device.

This process would make other people invade the privacy of your mobile device or computer whenever they want. It would also lead to insert malicious or spam code in the movie file.

Movie and TV show options available in Playtamil 2020

This website consists of films and shows specifically aimed at Tamil South. By using this website, you can download many Tamil series, Tamil movies, Tamil video status and Tamil mp3 songs.

One of the essential features of this website is that they provide online streaming of movies and TV shows. Once you enter the official page, you will be viewed with the options below.

  • Tamil Vijay series
  • Tamil Sun TV series
  • Bigg boss 3 Tamil
  • Tamil status videos
  • Play Tamil 2019 Movie
  • Tamil Zee Tamil series
  • Download HD movies
  • PlayTamil 2018 Movie
  • Tamil Video songs
  • South Tamil dubbed movies
  • Tamil mp3 songs

You can always check the list of newly uploaded movies on the Play Tamil homepage where you can download the movie as you wish. You can check the list of latest movies in Tamil language.

This website is also full of the dubbed movies of other regional languages. People will be excited to see their favorite movies in other words in their language. The movie or other TV shows can be downloaded in various formats such as full HD 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p.

What are the alternative sites for Playtamil?

You can also use the website as the links listed above which are the best alternative sites for PlayTamil website.

Is PlayTamil legal?

No, Playtamil is not a legal website to download or watch movies and TV shows. This website is indeed a torrent. It is illegal to use this website to download the movie because this website supports piracy of the movie. It is not safe to indulge in these illegal activities.

Tamil play and Playtamil are similar websites. Since it is an illegal website their domain has been blocked. That’s why they changed their domain name from Tamil play to Playtamil. You can watch or download movies properly, which will not harm the filmmakers.


The PlayTamil website can be an easy way to download the latest movies, even in HD quality. But it is not safe to use and it is not legal to watch the movie. This is not the only website where you can watch or download videos. People shouldn’t use these types of sites. Instead, they can watch or download the movie from legitimate websites such as Amazon Prime and Hotstar. The primary purpose of this article is to make people aware of these types of illegal sites.

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