Paurushpur Webseries Review with Complete Analysis

Paurushpur Webseries: Review

During the lockdown, ZEE5 has managed to keep its audience entertained with a wide range of shows and movies. The OTT platform is now back again with another grand show for its viewers with Paurashpur.

The period drama is based on the lives of kings, queens, and their pawns in this twisted battle of sexes.

 Zee5 comes with its new season. Does it give you what was expected? Is it still entertaining and equally shocking? Read on to know.

Rating: 3.0 stars/5

In-depth Analysis

Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below.

Direction:  3.5/5
Dialogues:  4.0/5
Music:        3.0/5
Visual appeal:  3.5/5

Paurushpur Webseries: Review & complete Analysis

Set in the 17th century, this is the story of the underdog who challenges the mighty king and his kingdom where all but the men are subjugated to living a life of slavery.

The story abounds with the politics of gender, political conspiracies, revenge, and human greed. The overarching story is of the Kingdom of Paurushpur and follows a web of lies and deceit among the higher echelons of the kingdom, while everyone else is vying to claim the throne or fighting for independence from it.

The men want to assert their place at the top of the pyramid by reducing every other sex to mere objects existing only to fulfill their needs – failure at which could lead to the most unfortunate ends.

Led by their King Bhadrasen, a man of adamant beliefs and dark secrets; it is a man’s game where only they can make or break the rules. The women are finding their way in a man’s world – at great risk to themselves, not just emotionally but quite dangerously also physically.

Despite having one of the most crucial players, Queen Meerawati, on their team, the women seem to always be at the losing end of this taut gender game. Be it in love or be it in sexual liberation, the story sees the women find their own truth and choosing to fight the power of men, in a game of their own making.

Along with the black and white world of Paurushpur also exists a mysterious grey world. outside the reach of the king and his sexist/anarchist philosophies but never far enough to escape its reality. It is this grey world that will make or break the realities of either gender and bring about the revolution Paurushpur needs and deserves.

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