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Paro ULLU App Web Series Episode Review, Story, Actress Cast

Paro ULLU App Web Series Episode Review, Story, Actress Cast
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Paro ULLU App Web Series Episode Review, Story, Actress Cast

Another exciting web series is coming to its fans for entertainment purposes, which will surely block the fans ‘seat on their couch and immediately grab the viewers’ attention. The title isn’t all that interesting, but the web series trailer will definitely force audiences to watch it.

Now you have to wonder which web series we are talking about, so readers we are talking about the upcoming web series titled “Paro”. The title isn’t fascinating to listen to, but the story of the series is quite interesting to watch and one more thing is grabbing the attention of the viewers who are the female lead character.


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In this web series, the leading role is played by the famous face of the television industry Leena Jumani. Jumani is popularly known for the role she played in Kumkum Bhagya as Tanushree “Tanu”. This upcoming Hindi language web series is streaming on the OTT platform. In this web series Leena Jumani plays the role of “Paro” who forces the audience to watch it. Her fans are already very excited after watching the trailer and she is casting in this kind of web series for the first time.

Paro ULLU Web Series storyline

The genre of the series is romance and drama and the story revolves around the main character “Paro”. Paro is married to a boy named Sanju. Sanju’s Massi welcomes the bride to her new home, but after a few days she finds Paro in her neighborhood and is stunned after seeing her there.

Paro Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actress, Story & Watch online - Webseries World

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Sanju’s Massi immediately calls her sister and asks her about Paro, her sister and Paro’s mother-in-law say that Paro is at her parents’ house for 2-3 days, but then Massi revealed that Paro is in her village and is married to another man. Her mother-in-law is shocked and even Paro is shocked to find Massi in her new home.

The question here is why Paro married another man if she was already married and what purpose she has. To know the answer to this question, readers should check out the web series.

Streaming platform and release date

This web series will be streamed on the Ullu app and website on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. The Ullu app is a paid subscription app, which means that viewers must first purchase the subscription in order to use the series on their phone and phone. pc screens.

Paro ULLU Trailer and Review

The trailer of the web series has already been released by the official page of the Ullu app on YouTube, along with the caption: “Some anonymous travelers found on unknown routes, some gave their support, became kafir of humanity,” Paro “and within one day the trailer got over 6.6 Lakh views and 12,000 likes.

The caption is interesting and the views clearly indicate that the fans are eager to watch this movie and since it is streamed on the Ullu app which means there will also be a lot of erotic scenes in this series for the entertainment of the audience and the fans also want to see her favorite actress in it.

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