Palangtod-Naye Padosi ULLU Web series All episodes Watch online Cast & Crew

ULLU apps have introduced too many great and daring content webseries to its platform and because of the content, the apps have made a family of millions of subscribers on its channel. Paro Part-2 was the last trailer for the apps and the total episode will be released on May 25, 2021. The success of the web series can be seen and the creators just released the trailer for their new project entitled “Palangtod – Naye Padosi”. And it’s been less than an hour and the trailer has been viewed 35,000 times so far. This time the creators have come up with a new story and concept, but the cast of the web series has already appeared in a number of previous series of the app.

Palangtod-Naye Padosi ULLU Web series All episodes Watch online Cast & Crew

In this article, we will talk about the characters, their roles, release date, plot and concept of the web series. You will see many interesting things in one part where love, romance, drama and thriller come together. After releasing the trailer, many fans are eagerly waiting to see this web series on their screen as the upcoming web series will feature a lot of stuff including romance and drama. ULLU is a well-known app for launching this kind of web series and re-introducing a new fascinating web series for their viewers. Scroll down and check all the details.

“Palangtod – Naye Padosi” ULLU Web Series: Plot

After the successful release of the trailer, we can discover that the web series will feature even more characters that have never appeared in previous web series. But the story of the series revolves around the story of a newly married couple named Shikha and Vikas. Shika met his neighbor boy “Rahul”. One day Rahul comes to her house to fix a laptop and falls in love with him. She goes home to borrow a cup of sugar and suddenly Shika gets scared after seeing a cockroach on the floor and hugs him. Shika’s maid makes a video of their meeting and later tries to blackmail him. Now the story will take a new turn.

“Palangtod – Naye Padosi” ULLU Web Series: Cast

The trailer has been released and a lot of people have shown their reaction to the trailer. But many fans are looking for details like cast and release date. This time, Palang Tod actress Rekha Mona Sarkar will star once again and will feature three more characters with her, including Vikas, Rahul and her maid. They will all play important roles, but their real names and roles have not yet been revealed. It will be shared on the release date. The creators left a note for fans that read “Milne ki chahat le aayi ek haseen shaam, poori hongi khwahishein jab hatheli pe likha jaayega kisi aur ka name”.

“Palangtod – Naye Padosi” ULLU Web Series: Release Date

Now everyone is waiting to watch this web series on ULLU and the official website, but when it comes out we’ll tell you. All episodes of the web series will be released on Friday, May 28, 2021. You can watch this in the app, but you need a subscription package from the app and then you can easily watch a number of upcoming and released movies.

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