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Ozark: Should Netflix cancel the next season? –

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With another month passing and Netflix scrambling to showcase new original trash, the news that one of its greatest endeavors is coming to an end has lit the headlines. After nail-biting anticipation from the show’s biggest fans, Netflix decided to pick it up Ozark for a fourth season. However, the upcoming foray of episodes will be the show’s last.

The next season of Ozark will bring fans back to the small screen some of his favorite characters, from Wendy Byrde to Ruth Langmore. Plus, a new batch of characters will join the Byrdes in their quest to wade out of the mess they’ve made in the American South. But does the next season of? Ozark prove the show deserves to continue, or should Netflix have pulled the plug on the cult hit already?


Ozark dropped in 2017, giving audiences hope that Netflix could still make a decent original series. The show began to give audiences a worn-out concept destined for TV success in the 2010s.

For whatever reason, audiences love a taut, everyday man who descends into the depths of darkness after being forced by the hand of capitalism. Walter White & Don Draper laid the foundations for Marty Byrde, and Byrde achieved the same success when the public began to become addicted to Ozark.

It didn’t take long for the Ozark writers had started a fire under their @sses, when the show was picked up for a second and third season.

The Byrdes found themselves in a seemingly unsolvable mess as the series progressed, and audiences wondered if the show’s creators could pull the family out of their shoes. It seemed doomed for the Byrdes at the end of each season, and we can only wonder if the next season of Ozark will find the family six feet below.


The Hollywood Reporter dropped some news details about the next season of this week Ozark, and fans are wondering if any spoilers have been leaked to the press.

So far all we know is that there will be some newcomers to the Ozarks this season (and we know how the locals love it). However, the newbies will not make the same mistakes as Marty.

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Now that Netflix has declared 'Ozark' season 4 its final season, there are far too many loose ends to tie up in the new season.

reports say: Queen of the South star Veronica Falcón has been signed to the next season of Ozark, while Tony winner Ali Stroker also jumps on board. Falcón is set to sideline and put the Byrdes on the chopping block, as a member of the drug cartel.

Her character is called Camilan Navarro, Omar Navarro’s sister. Navarro is head of the drug cartel and we can only imagine seeing her help Omar get Marty and the Byrdes into even more trouble – or maybe play out their final moments.

Another pickle

Stroker will play a character on the side of the Ozark natives, as one of Ruth Langmore’s mother’s friends. We’ve already met so many members of the Langmore family, so we wonder what the writers behind it are like Ozark Stroker will seamlessly connect with the next season.

Stroker’s character is called Charles-Ann and she is said to come to Ruth to help her out of yet another. Ozark pickle. So when are we going to meet our new friends in Missouri?

According to reports, an exact date has not yet been released for the next season of season Ozark, but many predict a drop in 2022. However, we do know that the show’s final season will come in two parts with seven episodes in each half. Things aren’t looking good for the Byrdes, but we’ll have to wait for the next season to drop until we know if they make it out of the Ozarks alive.

Will the Byrdes fly the loft in next season of? Ozark? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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