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Ozark Season 4 comes with 14 episodes ahead of this year’s release

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After the fiery, action-packed finale of Season 3 of the acclaimed show ‘Ozark’ came to a close, the creators announced that they would be coming with Season 4. Now, with the hit Netflix series ending with its final season, it’s getting all the more exciting, gripping and compelling. Ozark has a lot of acclaim and awards, with Jason Bateman winning an Emmy for directing and Julia Garner winning 2 Emmys for outstanding supporting role.

Ozark returns with 14 episodes in a final season.

The show’s first three seasons had ten episodes that lasted nearly an hour each, but as the creators want to delve deeper into the saga of Marty Byrde and his money laundering family, the show will feature 14 episodes. It will be in two halves, with the first half containing seven episodes. The makers have promised to end it with a bang.

When will ‘Ozark’ season 4 be out?

April’s list of releases on Netflix was released on March 25, 2021 and Ozark Season 4 was not recorded, so fans will have another month without the next season, but here’s hoping it can start next month.

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What can you expect from Season 4?

There are many fan theories going around. Darlene Snell has come out on top in all three seasons and has overcome all the hurdles that came her way, but it looks like she will need all the help in Season 4 as she takes on Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) finally back.

Season 4 may also reveal how Darlene and her late husband Jacob were able to transport the Ozark Police Department for so long. A few fan theories also seem to explain why Sheriff Nix is ​​so firmly in Snell’s Pockets.

All in all, fans should keep their fingers crossed and high hopes until they can enjoy the brilliant series for the last time.

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