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Outlander season 6: release date, spoilers warning! Who is Alexander Vlahos?

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The announcement of the Starz Season 6 release brought joy to fans. Initially there were delays in the broadcast, which led the fans to use the term ‘Draughtlander’. The various suspense’s and speculation will likely make fans question the Outlander Season 6.

One of those recent conversations among the fans is about Alexander Vlahos. Who is Alexander Vlahos? What role will he play in Season 6 of the Outlander? Finally, to get answers to all of your questions, read below to know everything. So, are you ready for a spoiler alert?

Outlander Season 6: Everything about Alexander Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos plays the role of Allan Christie in season 6. He becomes the son of Tom Christie, played by and the brother of Malva Christie, played by Jessica Reynolds. He will be one of those characters tagged as antagonists. The fans don’t really appreciate the character of who.

outlander season 6 release date

A writer, director and actor Alexander Vlahos is all set to be a part of Season 6 of Outlander. He is quite famous for his modern drama series such as:

  • Like Mordred on Merlin and
  • Like Tom Evans on The Indian Doctor and
  • Like Mr. Philippe d’Orléans on Versailles.

He is a trendy face in both TV soap operas and standard shows. His most important role so far was indeed at Versailles as Monsieur Philippe d’Orléans. He got a lot of appreciation for it. So it’s no wonder he’s a new cast chosen to be part of Outlander season 6.

The actor further confirmed that he is very grateful for playing Versailles as Philippe. But at the same time regrets that he was immature at the time. He didn’t prepare any harder for the part. But now he has learned from his past mistakes. So Outlander fans could expect something great from Alexander Vlahos as Allan Christie.

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