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Out of Blue (2018): Know all about this crime thriller movie!

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Out of Blue (2018): Know all about this crime thriller movie!

When we are kids do we use to play thief and police game or even sometimes we dress up as a cop or detective to solve the mysteries of murder or crime?

Of all of you, who of you loved this game? Now on the subject of the crime-based movie, Mike Hoolihan must investigate and solve the mystery of astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer).

What do you do when you’re in Mike Hoolihan’s place? How would you solve the murder of Jennifer and what statergies and ideas will come to your mind if you are a detector in your real life?

Let me know in the comment box what ideas and suggestions come to mind to solve these crimes.

Out of Blue, directed by Carol Morley, is a mystery crime film produced by Cairo Cannon, Maggie Monteith and Luc Roeg. This Out of Blue Movie is based on the novel Night Train by Martin Amis.

Release date of Out of Blue

Out of Blue (2018): Know all about this crime thriller movie!

This thriller and crime drama premiered on September 7, 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival and on March 22, 2019 in the United States.

The movie lasts 109 minutes and the movie is released in English. So you don’t need subtitles to understand the movie.

The film’s total worldwide revenue is $242,847, of which $18,779 is from North America and $224,068 from other territories.

Cast of Out of Blue

Out of nowhere

  • Patricia Clarkson as Detective Mike Hoolihan Ho
  • Toby Jones as Professor Ian Strammi
  • Jacki Weaver as Miriam Rockwell
  • James Caan as Colonel Tom Rockwell
  • Mamie Gummer as Jennifer Rockwell
  • Aaron Tveit as Tony Silvero
  • Jonathan Majors as Duncan J. Reynolds
  • Bri Collins as Sabrina White

Find out more What they say about the movie – ‘An Existential Murder Mystery About the Life of the Universe’.

Synopsis of Out of Blue

The story revolves around solving the murder mystery of Jennifer Rockwell, an astrophysicist who is an expert on black holes and is found dead one morning by the manager Toby Jones.

Mike Hoolihan, a cop or a detective, deals with Jennifer’s crime-murder mystery. Jennifer is shot in the face, but no weapon is received at the murder site, so Mike tumbles down the rabbit hole to find herself colliding with a parallel universe and exploding stars leaving her with many questions and clues that lead her to to reveal the crime and and understand the reality.

Who Killed Jennifer in “Out of Blue”?

Toby Jones, the observatory’s manager, saw Jennifer’s body dead in the morning, while the night before she had given a lecture on black holes and was shot in the face.

Where to Watch Out of Blue Movie-

You can stream Out of Blue Movie on Hulu (free trial version) and Amazon Prime videos.

Reviews and user reviews of Out of Blue (2018)

IMDb gave the movie a rating of 4.8 and one user said it’s a boring movie or saga that he watched. So he didn’t like the movie according to his expectations.

Watch the official Out of Blue trailer


Out of Blue is a crime thriller film that tells how to solve the murder mystery and how many ideas come to mind that you investigate the murder. Most of you have seen many mysteries that the police are solving around you in your real life.

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