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Only Mine Movie inspired by a true story by Laura Kucera| Complete story explained

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Only Mine Movie inspired by a true story by Laura Kucera|  Complete story explained
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“Only mine” is accessible to stream on Netflix which is based on the true event of the movie, want to know the full story? We must move on!

Only Mine Movie inspired by a true story by Laura Kucera|  Complete story explained

Only mine

The movie is directed by and written by Matt Young. The movie was out and the best part about “Only mine” is that it is based on a true story of a lady who is hit by a car accident and dies.

It is believed that the film is based on the story of Laura Kucera who was on the point and was eventually shot by her own ex-boyfriend. She was hospitalized for about four hours and died on the bed.

It is a bleak story and the truth is that it tells the plot about Only Mine, in which the school Julie (Amber Midthunder) begins dating a cop named David (Brett Zimmerman), who quickly becomes possessive and subversive.

His behavior may come up when she tries to say goodbye to him and decides to end their relationship, which only gives her a headache.

After some time, Julie met Alicia’s ex-girlfriend, who behaves badly towards her by slamming the door in her face. She decided to go back to her house and there she met David, he pulled her and she tried to go back and at the same time he shot her in the leg.

Just like in Laura Kucera’s story, Julie decides to wake up and go to David’s family cabin, where she kills him in retaliation.

What makes Only Mine even weirder is that part of the movie is shot as if it were a story about the misbehavior, giving rise to quirky ‘Job interviews’ with her companions, David’s chief, and the analyst Julie.

At the end of the movie we see, everyone thinks it’s a miracle that Julie is safe and rescued by the mighty lord. The story is a bit confusing or we could say messy to look at… Did you see it? How is it going? Tell us!

Only mine – who’s in the movie?

The movie that consists of so many faces like Amber Midhunter like julie, Brett Zimmerman as David, Chris Browning as Chief Dodd, Walter Fauntleroy as Segreant Miller, and iron closed as Karen Dillon.

Lorenzo James Henrië as Tommy, Ellen Wroe as Gail, Ashley Holliday Tavares as Suzanne, Nancy Linehan Charles as Evelyn, and Jonna Was as Alicia are also in the film as the lead actors.

Talking about some other actors of the movie Ashly Kay Moneic is also seen as Kinsey with Stephanie Wong as Tina, Komalpreet Kaur Batth as the customer, Malcolm Bodon as a hunter, robbie days as an officer, and Caleb Stupka as an officer.

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They all handled their work pleasantly, but the film came out as average after the audience reactions, they are not satisfied with the “Only Mine”, whatever the reason, the film is just getting 4.7 from 10 of the IMDb meter, although the other assessment stages have not yet determined the ratings in light of the low exams.

Just mine

Office trailer of Only Mine-

We’ve mentioned the official teaser of Only Mine, check it out and cherish your memories with us and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ll get an idea if it’s worth watching or not.

User response to the only mine!

The reviews are bad for the Only Mine, the audience has only given the movie or two points with a very bad review, check it out

  • “garbage”
  • “Horrible”
  • “The acting was SOOOOOO bad!!!”
  • “Terrible acting, terrible portraits”
  • “I wish I could give negative stars... Worst acting EVER. Do not waste your time. I promise you will regret wasting an hour and a half of your life.
  • “TERRIBLE acting…. Besides sounding like a typical movie for life, the plot of this movie could have been made into something good. But I have to say, this is probably the WORST acting I’ve ever seen – and I watch a lot of movies.
  • I actually found it uncomfortable to watch some scenes because the emotions didn’t seem realistic at all. I mean, I think I better fake cry than that girl.’

You can also pass your audits along to us in our comments section in case you’ve actually seen the movie and if you haven’t seen the movie, you don’t have to! because the Only mine is a complete waste of time.

Last lines

Only Mine is positively odd – it’s not exactly crazy enough to be junky, nor enough to be, all things considered, great. It’s just awful, and what makes it worse is that it tries to say something real, but it falls short and becomes a complete mess by the end of the story.

The worst part that the audience thinks about the movie is the death of Laura Kucera what happened in a car accident, movie Matt Young didn’t pay more attention to the movie because if he had worked hard on this it would somehow be the terrible evaluations basically mean that the portion of Only Mine here is closed and we don’t see some parts anymore.

I think we’ve talked a lot in this post so it’s time to end this and we’ll be back with some good news so stay tuned.

If you have anything to ask me, please let me know.

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